We all love viral trends and quirky online challenges, don’t we? Every month a new set of trends go viral on the internet and netizens globally are quick to jump on that bandwagon. So, obviously, the month of March was also full of interesting trends. We came across so many talented creators who tried viral challenges and gave trends their own sweet twist. So, if you are looking to create some interesting and fun content, you gotta check these trends out and try them while they are still popular on the ‘gram!

Here they are:

1. #TransformationTrend

This trend totally took over the internet because it takes you down memory lane and then gives you a chance to proudly show your evolution that has happened over the years. Not just that, this trend also asks you to use a piece of specific music in the background that adds so much character to the video. We saw so many creators try this challenge out and show us their glow-up. However, one of our favourite ones was by Pryanca Talukdar!

2. #GravityChallenge

Apparently, men and women are known to have different centres of gravity and the internet decided to test this theory out with this fun challenge. This trend tests whether the level of gravity between a man and a woman is the same or different in quite a quirky way. I love how Vrinda and her husband tried this challenge out and the result was rather cute and hilarious!

3. #ThatsSomeBullshit

Yet another viral trend that so many of us could relate to was the ‘that’s some bullshit challenge’. The trend is simple, all you have to do is bang an imaginary glass while the text on the video mentions something that annoys you. Esha Shetty absolutely nailed this trend as I can relate to her video on another level!

4. #AllAboutMe

You wanna get to know your favourite creators a little better? This viral trend will help you do exactly that! #AllAboutMe is a fun challenge that involves you introducing yourself and sharing some fun facts about your life. So many creators hopped on to this trend but Juhi’s was our favourite!

5. #BadChallenge

Dance challenges are something we have always loved! In the month of March #BadChallenge really caught the eye of the netizens because it’s so quirky and fun. The trend is simple, all you have to do is groove to the song in the beginning and then pose like the legendary Michael Jackon as soon as the beat drops. These DamnFam members totally aced this challenge, didn’t they?

6. #DangerousChallenge

The internet is a funny space. The most unique and random things turn into a viral trend within hours. This #Dangerous trend is something that took the internet by storm and for all the funny reasons. In this trend, you pretend to do something that hilariously impulsive and then end up having a nervous breakdown while thinking about the consequences. Quite relatable, no?

7. #PerfectMatchTrend

This trend is something you can defo try with your buddy! It shows two people who are a perfect match for each other because of their quirky similarities. In the end, they together do a signature handshake, which is nothing but hilarious! Many creators tried this trend out and I found Sakshi’s video really relatable.

8. #DontFallChallenge

Yet another fun trend that kept the netizens hooked to their screens was the #DontFallChallenge. In this trend, you initially act like you are falling down on a particular negative scenario and as soon as the beat drops, the creator gives a positive spin to the situation. Komal Pandey took this trend as an opportunity to show everyone a fun hack and she totally nailed it.

9. The expressions trend

As soon as I open Reels, videos with this particular filter flood my Instagram! In this trend, you are supposed to download a particular app that allows you to add audio and quirky expressions to your face. Not just that, you can also add text to make your videos funnier and more relatable. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

10. Egg challenge

This challenge is something you should definitely try out with your friends. It involves two people who need to engage in a super fun game round with an egg. The video of Mehak Ghai and her friend taking part in this challenge explains it all. So, are you ready to give this trend a shot?

These viral challenges took over the internet and we are not complaining! Fun and quirky trends like these really spruce up our social media and we get to see so many creators add their own fun twist to it. So, how many of these trends have you taken part in? Tell us in the comments below!

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