If the name Binod brings back memories or for that matter of fact a series of memes to your mind? You have Slayy Point to thank! Last year, YouTubers Gautami Kawale and Abhyudaya Mohan posted a video dedicated to the bizarre comments they received. Out of all the comments, the Binod one stood out from the rest. Their take on this comment made the video all the more hilarious. Their video left the internet cracked up and what followed was a series of memes. This viral video by Slayy Point today stands at over 10 million views and counting!

About Slayy Point

The YouTube channel, Slayy Point, started off as a small idea converted into a full-fledged channel by Gautami and Abhyudaya. The two best friends were trying to figure ways to utilize their post junior college summer vacation. And the eagerness to explore the digital world helped them take their first step. Their initial videos were comical movie reviews and predicting cricket game results. Though these videos received great feedback, they soon realized that they weren’t passionate about these genres as they thought they would be. The YouTubers’ aim was to create relatable and entertaining content for Millenials around the country. And with this thought, they began their journey in the world of comedy and satire.

All About Their Content

Gautami and Abhyudaya continued to experiment, understand and study the likes and dislikes of the audience and adapted to the demands of their viewers too. This helped them develop their own style of social commentary videos. These YouTubers speak their minds out in the videos and wrap it well in a blanket of comedy. This particular trait helped them rise and earned them the title of one of the most popular comedy duo on YouTube.

The creators always ensure that their content is original, relevant, and as raw as possible. This exclusiveness teamed with the comical factor helped their channel, grow dramatically and as of now, Slay Point has over 4 million subscribers.

The YouTubers made the most of the lockdown situation and started their second channel, Slayy Pop. The videos on this channel focus on the universe of gaming. Their characteristic Slay Point channel trait of hilarious commentary and some cross-references have been used in these videos quite well.

Here’s what Gautami and Abhyudaya have to say about their journey,

“We were just two young college go-ers, who were fascinated by the online world. We used to watch YouTube pretty much all day, study a lot and for a break we did play a lot of games, etc. One day we decided to pick up the camera and shoot some of our thoughts about an internet clique and that became our thing! Life was just the usual, before Binod showed up! Binod was that fortunate accident that literally changed our lives! We saw a surge in our subscribers which literally doubled! We’re a happy 4 million family, now trending on YouTube! Here’s a huge shoutout to all our friends and followers who inspire and motivate us to keep going! It’s unbelievable that a channel of this size could create a country wide trend!”

The Slayy Point channel sure did manage to get the internet to notice their content. Gautami and Abhyudaya’s talent is commendable and their sheer dedication is definitely the inspo we all need! Cheer to these YouTubers and Binod, who now resides in the darkest corner of our hearts forever and ever. Haha!

If you haven’t check out their channel yet, check it out right here!

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