10 Stylish Top Knot Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

10 Stylish Top Knot Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

Kanak Devnani

Most of us know the power of a good top knot. It’s the trusty hairstyle we turn to that can turn even lifeless hair into something special. Our best friend, whether it’s the second day of wash or you just need to shove that hair away from your face while still looking good it always comes to the rescue. In the same family as the messy bun and traditional top knot, the knot bun can be work either precisely or as textured or messy as you like. However, one thing we all can agree on is that no matter the season or no matter your hair type this updo looks good on everyone. Versatile and immensely pretty you can always a top knot style out there that looks fabulous on you. So, if you’ve been searching for some fresh inspo on how to wear this updo, keep reading for our favourite easy top knot hairstyles.

Keep scrolling to check out fantastic top knot hairstyles that look great on everyone:

1. Double knots pigtails

This cutesy ’90s hairstyle reminiscent of space buns is totally cool and trendy plus super easy to do. All you have to do is part your hair in the middle create ponytails and twist each one into a bun. Whether you prefer a more dishevelled loopy knot or a sleeker version, either way, this style is way too much fun to miss out on.

2. Topknot with twists

If you have kinky or coily hair try this half-up top knot braided version with Marley or Havana twists. Embellish it with a single cute accessory and your good to go.

3. Elegant high bun with a scarf

The top knotted style of your dreams made for long-haired gals, this bun is so full of volume appears totally smooth and carelessly messy at the same time. Ideal both for casual and formal occasions.

4. Curly hair top knot

If you’ve got curly hair let down a few loose curls in front to highlight your facial features and embrace this effortless knot that adds texture and volume to your hair. Simple yet effective.

5. Sleek top knot

You really can go wrong with a sleek top knot for any occasion. In fact, it works great on unwashed or third-day hair. Plus you can give your face a natural facelift with this incredible scraped back look. Whether your choose to place the bun lower on your head or choose to pull out strands instead of slicking every baby hair off your face, this hairstyle is nothing short of a sleek statement.

6. Braided top knot

Braids are always a great protective hairstyle and so pleasing to the eye. The next time you wear your hair in a bun add braids to elevate your look. Whether it’s French braids box braids or twists, you’ll be sporting an enviable bun.

7. Tousled top knot

Ah, the messy bun we all know and love but carefully calculated for a more chic look. If you’re attending an event or special occasion you want it to be the right amount of messy and pretty instead of looking like you just got out of bed.  Remember to be a bit more strategic in pulling out strands.

8. The scrunchie bun

We love ourselves a good silk scrunchie and a simple bun paired with it gives another level of comfort chic. Plus it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to achieve.

9. Half up half down the knot

A half-up-half-down top knot is the ultimate cool-girl hairdo that goes perfectly for more relaxed days. It’s intentionally messy, plays on the volume and length of your hair and casually shows off your jawline.

10. Hairbow top knot

This might take a little patience but why not be bold and have some fun. Rather than adding a bow to your knot, make your hair an accessory itself. It’s super adorable and a great way to do something different for your next occasion.

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