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Most will agree, few won’t, but once you get hit by that saree fatigue, it’s hard to snap out of it! It’s rightly just the wardrobe staple that holds an irreplaceable position in an Indian closet. Few can deny the charm of the six-yard drape. But for those that can’t get enough, you must check out the sarees from Vidya Balan‘s collection. The actor hardly misses an opportunity to drape herself in one. From ombré finishes, handpainted ones, embroidery-heavy to lightweight, floral-printed numbers and more, Vidya Balan has a saree for every mood, occasion and season!

But with summer upon us accompanied by the unbearable heat, it’s essential to pick sarees that are lightweight and also look dressy enough to be worn for occasions. So here’s a quick glance at 6 of my favourite summery sarees I wish I could steal from Vidya Balan’s closet.

6 sarees by Vidya Balan perfect for summers:

1. House of Masaba

An airy, colourful and floral-printed chanderi saree like this one is a no-brainer for the season and perfect for intimate traditional occasions. Am I right or am I right?

2. Rouka By Sreejith Jeevan

If you swear by a saree even at home, you’re absolutely going to love this easy-going number, too. The pastel colour of the saree and the stitched blooms makes the look dressy yet retains that subtlety factor.

3. Vedika M

The burst of colour and the interesting pattern of the saree are two reasons why it makes it to the top of my list. Reason three? The breezy look and feel of the drape. Such an interesting saree, it has that potential of instantly becoming the talk-of-the-room!

4. Gaurang

Pastel hues and handwoven silk—you can’t miss this duo for the season of summer. When it comes together in the form of a saree like this one, lightly adorned with zari for a pop of shine, why wouldn’t you want to add it to your summer closet? It’s balmy, easy on the body and perfect for outdoors and indoors.

5. Medium

Linen sarees are an instant yes for summers. This one with a delicate zari border and bandhani print interspeced with a chevron pattern and a striped blouse has that balance of style and grace with comfort.

6. The Haelli

Any saree that feels light as a feather and comes printed with micro blooms instantly becomes a summer winner, no?

Which of her sarees do you like the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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