Sadly, our long weekend has come to an end, although we had an amazing ‘Holi-day’ this year staying home and staying safe. Holi is the festival of colours, happiness and celebration with our near and dear ones. Honestly, this festival got more bright and colourful when a few creators shared their hilarious Holi content. These creators really helped us sail through the festival without actually celebrating. If y’all haven’t watched these videos yet, then I must say that y’all are missing out on some major entertainment. So, scroll down to get your daily dose of LOLZ!

Here they are:

1. Viraj Ghelani

Can you imagine chefs playing Holi? If not then you have to watch Viraj’s video where he sprinkles salt! We can’t stress enough on how unique Viraj is with his content, the fact that he thought of ‘How chefs play Holi‘ says it all. Honestly, the way he recreated the process of cooking using Holi colours as Indian spices is hilarious and we genuinely can’t control ourselves from saying ‘That’s So Viraj‘.

2. Ashish Chanchlani

‘Holi-yay’, does your colour come out completely after you play Holi? Mine doesn’t for sure! Ashish has portrayed this bang-on with this Reel right here. All our crazy friends apply so much colour on us that it gets super difficult to get rid of it for the next few days. Even though we try to protect ourselves, we end up rubbing and cleaning the colour for hours. But, here we are to the rescue, check these tips out to save yourself from spending hours washing that pakka colour off your face during the next Holi.

3. Dolly Singh

There’s no secret that Dolly’s characters are next-level entertaining and relatable. As her caption says it all, we were legit ROFLing on how accurately she portrayed different types of women on Holi. From ranting ones to the not so innocent ones to the elite ones, she showed us all the shades. The way she used these characters to talk and share about all the important things one needs to keep in mind during Holi was awesome. To find out more deets, you should defo watch this video!

4. Kusha Kapila

I absolutely love how Kusha’s video begins with, ‘Bura mano ya na mano’, Holi Hai‘. Kusha defo has a lot to say about Holi during a pandemic through her humour, so don’t miss out on this video! Also, she is totally acing the typical high society Delhi girl vibe!

5. Barkha Singh

I’m pretty sure there are many parents who told their kids ‘Aaj jaane ki zidd na karo’ to celebrate Holi! We were all Barkha yesterday, don’t y’all agree? Even though we all were dying to go out and play, she showed us that staying home and staying safe is the best and most important thing right now as festivals come and go every year. The message she shared was the need of the hour and we are glad that it came out so well. We hope you all enjoyed the festival safely.

6. Karishma Govil a.k.a @soul_kari

Ngl, but isn’t this the story of every household in India? We totally love how Karishma shows the life journey of every t-shirt ever. The way we treat our new outfits when we buy them, to wearing the same on Holi after few years pass, to a stage where we use them as a typical pochha. Brb, gonna show this video to my mother! 😛

7. Pulkit Kochar

If you guys want tips to call your friends out to play Holi, then Pulkit has got you covered! His tips and tricks will surely convince one’s parents to send their children out to play Holi next time. The ‘holi-stic‘ approach was indeed one of the funniest ‘cuz come on, we all do this every single time, don’t we?

Well there you go, a list of influencers that definitely made us laugh out loud during Holi. Hope you guys had a safe Holi with your families and cherished those festive memories. So, tell us in the comments below which one made you ROFLing.

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