We have seen content creators work so hard and grow so much that any news of their success, brings us nothing but joy and pride. In the month of March, we saw some amazing achievements earned by some really talented YouTubers that undoubtedly called for celebrations. So, let’s check out which influencer made some massive noise by crossing some impressive milestones on YouTube!

1. Ashish Chanchlani

Now here’s a creator who keeps churning out some awesome and hilarious content. Ashish Chanchlani started his channel in the year 2009, and in the span of 12 years, we have seen him grow exponentially. Today, this YouTuber has crossed a whopping 24 million subscribers on his channel and we are so happy for him!

2. Siddharth Nigam

The month of March surely did turn out to be a celebratory month for Siddharth Nigam. After the success of the creator’s music video with Anushka Sen, Siddharth then took to Instagram to share some more good news. Siddharth received the prestigious ‘Golden Play Button’ from YouTube! Tbh, we think all his hard work truly did pay off and this play button is absolutely well deserved!

3. Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. MNV

Mr. MNV has got some really great content on his YouTube channel, which not only shows us glimpses of his life but also his experience with DamnFam. This YouTuber’s channel recently crossed 600k subscribers and we were every bit ecstatic. Kudos to you, Manav!

4. Viraj Ghelani

The celebrations doubled up for Viraj Ghelani this month! This YouTuber not only crossed 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel, ‘That’s So Viraj’ but also got a verified tick. Woohoo Viraj, may you keep growing and slaying like a boss!

5. Gaurav Taneja a.k.a The Flying Beast

Gaurav Taneja’s YouTube channel, The Flying Beast, crossed the 5 million subscriber mark and, it was absolutely well deserved. Here’s wishing the creator more success!

6. Vicky Patel

Vicky Patel’s YouTube channel recently added another feather to their hat. The dance-based channel crossed 5 million subscribers. We are super happy for him and we are sure that he has a lot more wonderful surprises in store for us this year!

7. Laughing Ananas

We cannot keep calm cause blogger turned YouTuber, Laughing Ananas recently crossed 500k subscribers on her YouTube channel. The creator also went live from her channel to celebrate this special moment. All we want to tell her, is that keep that content coming ‘cuz we are absolutely lovin’ it!

8. Sarah Hussain a.k.a ZingyZest

Sarah Hussain’s YouTube is all about food. Be it the lip-smacking dishes from vendors on the street or the high-end 5 star restaurants, this YouTuber features them all! This month was quite a celebration for Sarah as she crossed the 100k subscriber mark. Yay, we are so happy for her. May you continue to create such amazing content, which BTW is an absolute visual treat to watch.

The month of March definitely has been an amazing one for these YouTubers and we are beyond happy and quite proud of each and every one of them. The hard work and efforts put into making content has earned them the success they deserve. They are definitely an inspo for all. Is there a YouTuber on this list whose content you find most relatable? Comment below and let us know!

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