If you scroll through Kusha Kapila‘s Instagram page, there will be posts, videos, or Reels for every situation, societal problem, and mood! The creator’s recent videos have been around some of the most cliche Bollywood songs and moments that everyone may have thought about at least once, but never thought it could take such a hilarious twist. Scroll down to see them for yourself, and if you go on a laugh marathon, I just wanna say we warned you!

1. The 80s Bollywood Vamps

OMG! This Reel about Bollywood vamps is so darn apt that I cannot stop watching it on loop! The dress, that voice, and that ending is so on-point that I think I broke my phone hitting the ‘like’ button on Instagram.

2. Taking Bollywood Song Lyrics Literally

Some Bollywood songs are just so good to hear, but when you try to understand those lyrics… umm… they can be a little extra! Like this one right here, that Kusha tried applying to her life and well, it was hilarious. Our favourite part in this entire Reel actually is Kusha’s own rendition towards the end. Brb, going elsewhere to laugh a little louder right now.

3. Dance Moves On Point!

This Reel is so Bollywood from the past that it makes me nostalgic and also makes me wonder, why did we as kids always think this to be so normal? Ask us now, and we may try to justify ourselves saying, “it’s Bollywood baby, you don’t need to understand it, you just have to enjoy it!” Hahaha!

4. The Classic Sooraj Barjatya Vibe

This video is such a gem that no amount of words can explain how Sooraj Barjatya this Reel actually is. And yes, this time, I quite frantically abused the share button and tbh I don’t regret it.

5. The Honest Devdas Reel

Devdas is one of my favorite films but after seeing this Reel, it is probably the most super real version of the song, Dola Re. LOL!

So there you go guys, these were some of the Bollywood reels I could not stop ROFL over. And this article may be over but Kusha’s content isn’t. We are so looking forward to more of Kusha’s hilarious Bollywood videos and reels, are you guys too? If yeah, tell us about it in the comments below.

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