Over the last few weeks, we have noticed a lot of influencers travel to the ideal getaway in the country, Goa! If you’re craving for sun, sea, beach, and fun, but can’t get some, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered digitally. Here’s a list of creators who have travelled to the pearl of the orient, ‘Goa’, and posted some stunning pictures. We can guarantee that just by looking at their posts, you’ll wanna drop everything and head straight for a vacay. So, sit back and enjoy your cooler drink as we head straight to a virtual tour specially curated for you to India’s beach paradise, Goa!

Here we go:

1. Kusha Kapila & Komal Pandey

Damn, Kusha and Komal are looking nothing less than modern apsaras here. The beachy vibes are hitting us right in the feels, even at night. Honestly, I really wanna wear my swimsuit and run to Goa, ASAP!

2. Shereen Sikka

The gorgeous, Shereen Sikka is giving us major bohemian vibes with this picture. Let’s confess, relaxing at a beach resort without any stress from daily life routine is the best, isn’t it? Goa is like a paradise where sand meets the sea and magically takes all your stress away.

3. The Khurana girls

Ngl, but good times and tan lines with sisters is a mandate. The Khurana sisters are really winning our hearts with their adorable sisterhood.  It looks like Kritika and Deeksha are having a blast together. I wish we had the power to stop time and ‘seas‘ the moment.

4. Larissa D’ Sa

It looks like Larissa is vibin’ with the tides! Just like the queen of the sea, she is sitting on her shore throne and enjoying the sound of the waves. These pictures are so candid and serene, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t even look half as good as her on the beach!

5. Aanam Chashmawala

Watching sunsets at the beach is quite romantic, isn’t it? Goa is a perfect couples’ destination, to relax with your bae and just spend some quality time together. So, all the couples out there, now y’all know where to plan your romantic date!

6. Siddharth Nigam

Water sports and Goa go hand-in-hand! We all know that Sid is a fitness enthusiast, therefore it’s obvious that he would give all these water sports a try. These pictures of him trying out different activities will make you wanna scream ‘an adventure a day keeps us active in a way’. 😛

7. Shivani Singh & Meghna Kaur

Sipping some sun and sea, these two are really giving all of us major #FriendshipGoals! Love how beachy Shivani and Meghna look here wandering on the beaches of Goa. We can totally feel a wild, free, and together forever kinda vibe, can you?

8. Rishabh Chawla, Aashna Hegde & Ashi Khanna

DamnFam is enjoying their getaway in Goa, soaking up all the ‘vitamin sea’ on the beach. This picture of Rishabh with Ashi and Aashna is just so happy. What really adds to the Goan vibe here is the coconut in Rishabh’s hand. Sipping some refreshers and casually relaxing with friends is something we all want to do with our squads, amirite?

9. Avneet Kaur

It looks like the beach is calling Avneet and she is all ready to leave her footprints on the sand! Gosh, she looks so steller that taking our eyes off her just seems impossible.

10. Siddharth Batra

The ever-so-charming, Siddharth’s Goa vacay is the perfect summer break we all are craving for! He is a fashionista who is nailing it with his looks all over the internet. If you wanna get any tips for a perfectly sunkissed, summer picture, then you must ask the master!

While we totally want to escape to the beach ASAP, we encourage everyone to stay home and stay safe. The pandemic is still very much intact and we must take all possible safety measures. However, this article here will help you travel to Goa virtually anytime so, start planning your dream itinerary!

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