I can confidently say this for myself and everyone else that once you go down the Reels rabbit hole, there’s no coming back. This fairly new feature of Instagram launched last year and since then everyone has been hooked to Reels. Apart from some great transition videos and slo-mos, I have also come across some awesome songs that gained so much popularity only because of Reels. There’s such amazing music out there, which I would have never known, if it weren’t for Instagram. So, if you need to update your playlist with some catchy international tunes, you gotta check out these songs, which I know ONLY because of Reels.

Get ready to jump on the Reels bandwagon!

1. Kardinal OffishallDangerous ft. Akon

All of us know and love Akon for the glorious hits he has given the music industry. Personally, I have grown up bopping my head to his tunes, and listening to Dangerous on Reels is a whole new level of nostalgia. This song quite literally became a viral trend on Instagram and for days my feed was flooded with videos featuring this blockbuster track by Akon.

2. Aya Nakamura – Copines

I am officially addicted to this blissful song by Aya Nakamura! Honestly, listening to Copines makes me feel like going on a road trip to Miami. The track gained so much popularity on Reels because all the dancers wanted to try this fun choreo out. Ngl, I gave it a shot too. By the way, the internet also came up with a special slowed down version of this song, which is also an absolute treat to hear.

3. Alo Michael (rico rico rico rico)Los Dioses Del Ritmo

Name a song that has catchier beats than this one, I’ll wait! Popularly known as ‘Aye Rico Rico‘, this track caught the eye of netizens because of its famous dance remix. Dancers came up with a fun routine for this and people all over the world tried it out. Now, I literally keep listening to this funky track on loop all day long.

4. Cat DealersYour Body (Remix)

If you are looking for workout motivation, this song is exactly what you need! A lot of famous creators, dancers and netizens used this track in their Reels to showcase their workout routine and strong physique. I have added this song to my workout playlist and trust me, it really ignites a positive fire in me!

5. Dirty Heads – Vacation

Your travel Reel is incomplete until you have put this song as your background music! Vacation became a viral music track in no time as so many people started using it in their travel vlogs. Tbh, the vibe of the song is straight-up beautiful and you really feel like packing your bags and heading for a vacay after listening to it.

6. Young T & BugseyDon’t Rush (ft. Headie One)

Do you remember that time when your feed was literally full of this song? A remix of this fun song went extremely viral on the internet and legit everyone posted their own version of the dance routine online. One reason why I love social media is that it finds out such gold pieces of music!

7. FousheéDeep End

This is one of the most soothing tracks I have heard in my entire life! For everyone who loves posting thirst-traps on Reels, this song is literally your go-to. 😛 Ngl, I have been putting myself to sleep every night hearing this beautiful song. Also, just gonna put this Zayn Malik video out there ‘cuz everyone deserves to see this work of art!

8. OtiliaBilionera

Remember the time when our explore page was literally filled with these Reels? While I loved watching all these pretty transition videos, I legit got hooked to this song! The beauty of this music is that it follows no language constraints, even though Bilionera is not an English song, globally people are hooked to it.

9. 24kGoldn Mood ft. iann dior

This is not a song, it’s a vibe! All thanks to Reels, I found this gem of a song and now I absolutely cannot get enough of it. It surely does get me in a positive mood and that’s what I love about this track. Also, you won’t be able to stop grooving once you hear its peppy beats.

10. RUN DMCIt’s Tricky

You won’t be able to stop your head from bopping to this catchy classic! This song got famous online purely because of Instagram Reels and I am not complaining. A lot of creators used this song as a part of the viral challenge but I have now gotten addicted to it.

These were all the English songs I have added to my playlist purely because of Reels. However, I am pretty sure I’m gonna have to make a new list quite soon ‘cuz so many new songs have already started gaining popularity on Instagram. Which song out of this list are you hooked on to? I would love to know in the comments below!

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