Oversized Clothing
Oversized Clothing

By Esther Gulivindala

When it comes to looking flawless, size doesn’t matter. For a long time, custom fits and body-hugging clothes have ruled the fashion scene. But the latest trend is loose and baggy fits. It is time to bring out all baggy t-shirts, and slouchy coats ’cause oversized clothing is stepping up this season, for both men and women. Oversized clothes if worn and styled correctly can also look just as chic and smart as tailored ones. Also, thanks to the lockdown, we’ve gotten comfortable, and now clothing larger than our size is breaking all the fashion rules and doing the rounds.

Here’s how you can ace the oversized clothing trend:

1) With Coats

Oversized coats are picking up pace in the fashion industry. This is one of those investment pieces you will thank yourself for buying every year when you pull it out of the wardrobe. When you’re going big with a fit, go easy on colour. Neutral shades like grey, white, and navy work best. XL coats help create a flowing silhouette. The oversized look can be quite elegant if styled the right way. The key here is balance and proportion. Play up the big shape by contrasting it with narrow pieces. For example: Opt for slim-fitting pants. A cigarette or skinny style pant will balance out the heavy look of the coat.

2) With Tees

Figuring out how to wear an oversized T-shirt without looking sloppy can often feel tricky. The last thing you want is to look like you’re about to go to bed. Style it by tucking a loose tee into relaxed tailored pants for a casual-chic look. Try an oversize graphic tee with a chic, mini skirt and flats. Brownie points if your colours contrast such as hot pink and lime green.

3) With Jumpers

Oversized jumpers are everyone’s favourite wardrobe staple. Embrace the XL nature by opting for the partial tuck slightly off centre, or where your skirt has detailed. Make sure to keep the contrast of the heavy with the light by choosing a chiffon or silk skirt/dress. The right oversized jumper has puffy sleeves, droopy shoulders but exactly cuts off at the waist by keeping the look clean.

4) With Suits

Going to a formal event doesn’t always mean you have to bust out that traditional suit. The point I’m trying to make? That oversized suits have been on-trend for the past couple of years. Oversized suits don’t mean that fit doesn’t matter – it means the jacket should slope down the shoulders and the sleeves should finish above the top of your wrist bone.

The oversized trend is one of the latest trends that has been embraced by all the fashion critics out there. Take your pick from the list above and add your twist to it!

What are some of your tips to ace the oversized trend? Share it with us in the comments below!

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