In the past few years, Instagram got extremely hyped and famous for its trends and Reels, don’t y’all think so? It’s a platform that has inspired millions of people to create good quality content. Tbh, it’s a place where people get educated with what is trending at the same time they get a chance to express their views on various topics with an open mind. We also know that on social media platforms there are thousands of people who will try to damage and break our confidence with their nasty comments. But, the truth is that it ain’t gonna stop us! So, tell me ‘How’s the Josh‘? Well, if it’s ‘High Sir’ then start scrolling ‘cuz some awesome creators are here to break some hard-hitting misconceptions through the #Don’tFallChallenge.

Here they are:

1. Malini Agarwal

Our very own #BossLady has aced this trend! Her Reel simply made us scream WOW. A lot of women get pressurised after a few years of marriage to have kids even when they’re not ready. Malini shows the power of how women are not always expected to behave and act in a way that society wants them to. They can have their own personal freedom of expression as well and for her, it’s her business. That’s why today, Malini has her very own community and app called ‘Girl Tribe‘ by MissMalini. I think you should defo download it right away ‘cuz it’s a safe social media space for women to express themselves.

2. Siddharth Batra

He is one of the best trendsetters we’ve come across. He’s always up for new trends where he can break the stereotypes and put out insanely amazing content for us. This time when he took the ‘Don’t Fall Challenge‘ he again made a point that when girls can wear guys’ clothes then why not vice-versa? Honestly, it’s something to think about as clothes don’t have a gender, do they? Sid, we must say you’ve always inspired us through such content.

3. Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi has always motivated her audience towards body positivity, mental health and breaking stereotypes of fashion through her content. In this Reel, she talks about how she has been bullied her entire life for being healthy, bold and big but guess what, she made a career out of it and has inspired everyone around her and that’s hella amazing! FYI, every body type is different and unique and that’s the ultimate truth of the matter. Also, we’re super proud of her for not letting things people say get into her head so easily. The confidence in her can defo be seen through her feed.

4. Kanka Das

All parents must watch this Reel. I am sure we all have been through a situation where our parents say, ‘No, you can’t chill with your guy friends unless there are no girls around’. I have definitely been prey to this at least once and it’s sad that our nation is developing (however slow it might be) but our mentality is not. However, Kanka has broken this misconception and done exactly the opposite of what society wants girls to do. It might just look like fun Reel here but it’s actually something to think about.

5. Khushnaz Ashdin Turner

Do you limit yourself from doing something you’ve always wanted to? Well, you shouldn’t ‘cuz we will come across people who will judge and criticize our content behind their phone screens but don’t let them get into your head. This Reel is all about how people assume that 40+ women are always into mommy blogging but guess what there are women who are 40+ and are not mommy bloggers, they’re just like any other influencer. One should not put people in different criteria based on their age groups. It’s time to open our minds and be more positive.

5. Svetana Kanwar

Well again, Svetana has nailed this challenge by breaking a misconception that it’s not always necessary for women to have kids after marriage. Guess what, she is a proud mother to 3 cute doggos and loves to play and spend time with them. She makes the ‘pawrfect parent‘, doesn’t she?

6. Rashmi Chadha

Rashmi’s Reel sums up the truth that women can do anything and everything! We totally agree with Rashmi’s caption of believing in herself. Tbh, struggle leads to achievements and every woman should be proud of how far they’ve come no matter what people comment or say. Also, this herd mentality of women needing the support of their husbands or even family needs to stop.

Yay, we’re super proud of all the creators who motivated and broke these misconceptions with the ‘Don’t fall challenge‘. All thanks to Niamh for starting this trend. If you need any form of positivity and motivation then this is the platform for you. Also, tell us which Reel from the list can you relate to in the comments below.

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