From Content Creation To OTT, Barkha Singh Is Here To Shine On Every Platform

From Content Creation To OTT, Barkha Singh Is Here To Shine On Every Platform

Kavisha Mody

How often do you come across people who manage to surprise you in a way you thought wasn’t even possible? Barkha Singh is one such creator and actor who has completely blown us away every time with her sheer hard work and stellar performance. We have all seen her grow phenomenally in the digital space and she truly deserves every achievement that has come her way. However, it looks like now she is ready to reign over the OTT world as well. Barkha recently played an intriguing role in a new and entertaining murder-mystery called ‘Silence…Can You Hear It‘, which is now streaming on Zee5. Honestly, Barkha’s performance left me shook and if you haven’t seen the film yet, you are surely missing out! Keep reading to deep-dive into this amazing artist’s journey to the stars.

A little about Barkha Singh and her content

Today, Barkha Singh is a household name in the digital space and that’s all because of her passion for her craft. Apart from her content on social media platforms, she is also known for her work in web shows like Engineering Girls, Please Find Attached and House Arrest. Presently, she has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 301k subscribers on her YouTube channel. FYI, her fandom is only growing by the day and we are all for it. A lesser-known fact about Barkha is that she is academically gifted and holds a double-masters, how awesome is that? Not just that, she has now gone ahead and made her mark in the industry with Silence…Can You Hear It alongside a truly dynamic cast. We can’t wait to watch all the new and creative content she has in store for us.

We had the opportunity to dig deeper into her journey and experience. Check it out!

1. Before we dive in, tell us a little about how you entered the world of content creation.

After the release of my show Girls On Top on MTV, I saw a sharp rise in numbers on my social media handles. That’s when my journey on social media actually started. Before that, I had never given content creation a thought. Given my love for travel, lifestyle, and humour, I thoroughly enjoyed creating content around these genres and it was good to see it strike the right chord with my audience too. Once I focused on the art of creating content on Instagram, I launched my YouTube channel too, and the rest is history!

2. Congratulations, on such a successful film. We would love to know how your experience was shooting for ‘Silence… Can You Hear It‘?

Thank you so much! Shooting for Silence was a great learning experience. I got the chance to share screen space with amazing actors like Manoj sir, Prachi Desai, and Arjun Mathur among others which was extremely satisfying. Talking about my role in the film, it was an out-and-out new experience for me as I had to play dead. I learned that it’s probably one of the toughest things I’ve done as an actor, definitely not as easy as it looks. Funny as it sounds, but I actually got some acting training from Manoj Sir to play dead.

3. How do you feel about the love and appreciation you are receiving from your fans for your film?

To be honest, I am overwhelmed with the response I’ve received for the film. I have always maintained that I have a very special fanbase who are very kind and highly supportive of everything I do. I received thousands of DMs and emails mainly telling me how they hated seeing me die but loved the film and my performance in it. I think that was adorable!

4. Speaking of your film, we really loved your acting and would like you to share more about your character.

I played the character of a very simple, innocent primary school teacher, Pooja Chaudhary who carries pure and vivacious energy around her. She gets murdered under mysterious circumstances and the film revolves around how ACP Avinash Verma (played by Manoj Bajpayee) and his team investigate the murder. The challenge in playing this character was to strike the right balance between being chirpy and pleasant, yet not kiddish because she is 29 years old. The audience had to feel the void because of her death.

5. What according to you is the best way to connect with your audience and fans?

The best way to connect with my audience is by being consistent, real, and the truest version of myself. I always make them a part of things that are going on in my life – little wins and struggles. I feel that keeps us connected.

6. What type of challenges did you face while shooting and how did you deal with them?

Shooting is never easy. It is fulfilling and fun but mentally, emotionally, and physically you need to give it your 100%. There were times when I’d struggle to keep up with my social media content and also stick to my timelines for brand deals. But I feel that sometimes I need that high tension atmosphere to bring out the best in me.
Exclusive: Barkha Singh for 'Silence...Can You Hear It" (Source: Barkha Singh)
Exclusive: Barkha Singh for ‘Silence…Can You Hear It” (Source: Barkha Singh)

7. Barkha, what according to you is the biggest difference between shooting for a film and shooting content for social media?

The scale of production is the biggest difference. Also, one has a lot more freedom to take risks and experiment in social media content.

8. What advice would you like to give all budding creators out there, who are just starting out?

I would advise everyone to keep it real and to keep it the closest to who they are. I believe, when you have a mask or some level of pretence, – you are not gonna be able to keep up to it consistently and people are going to see through it. Let people fall in love with you for you and for that it’s important to be real and authentic in everything you do.

9. In the near future, what new can we expect from you and your content?

In the near future, there is a lot to be excited about. My next release is going to be a series on Disney+Hotstar where I am playing a super fun and quirky character. I’m very excited about it but cannot disclose too much about it yet. I also recently attended a session with the global Instagram team so you can expect some fun IG content coming your way from my handles!

If this doesn’t convince you to go watch her film right now, we don’t know what will! Time and again, Barkha proves that she’s a power-house of talent and she’s only getting started. So, now that the long weekend is here, we have sorted your binge-fest with this awesome movie, amirite?

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