Natasha Patel (Source: Instagram | @natasshapatel)
Natasha Patel (Source: Instagram | @natasshapatel)

Social media is a platform where different and unique content ideas come to life. It gives individuals an opportunity to showcase their talents too. There are so many categories that creators have been venturing into, and beauty is among the top few that is quite in demand. With so many makeup brands and products in town, people have started looking up to experts who have an extra edge in this field. Hence, beauty bloggers and content creators are becoming super popular these days. One such beauty enthusiast is Natasha Patel, a talented blogger cum creator who believes that one is beautiful just the way they are. Here comes the call of beauty. So, get ready to know everything about Natasha, a talented influencer who’s changing the course of content creation.

Who is Natasha Patel?

Natasha Patel is a beauty ninja, who is also the Deputy Features Director at MissMalini. She is a super talented creator who recently got the awesome blue tick next to her name on Instagram. Tbh, Natasha is the beauty BFF you need in your lives. The best part is that she not only gives great beauty hacks and tips on her feed but also encourages everyone to accept themselves the way they are and be proud of it. In simple words, she is a #BossBabe who is winning our hearts with her beauty content.

All about her content

From skincare regimes and hair care to natural-looking makeovers, you will find answers to all of this on Natasha’s feed. Surprised, don’t be, as Natasha’s profile is surely the one-stop destination for all your beauty and styling emergencies. Her fans love her for being original and confident. Recently, she took up a challenge with her sister and the video did exceptionally well on Instagram with over 10 million views. She is defo nailing it with her content. Currently, she has 59.1k followers on Instagram and her fan base is only growing by the day. We are super proud of how she is moving ahead and unlocking various milestones on social media. Also, don’t even get us started on how amazing she is at balancing work and content creation! 😍

Let’s dig deeper into her journey

1. How did you start your journey?

It actually was by accident. I had been working at MissMalini since 2015 and conceptualised and featured in a lot of the beauty videos. Earlier on, I would just repost the videos onto my Instagram feed but slowly as I started to review more products, I’d talk about it on my page and share my thoughts, views and how I’d use that product.And since then I love sharing everything I do, use and love. So I guess it just started from there you could say…

2. What inspired you to take up beauty blogging?

As a kid, I would just love to flip through magazines especially the fashion and beauty section. Once I got an internship at Vogue India, my love for beauty just skyrocketed. I was so infatuated and intrigued by everything that the industry and people came up with that I knew that it was something I wanted to do!
Two internships and 1 job later, I found myself at MissMalini, writing for the Fashion and Beauty section. Again, since my love for beauty was very strong, I went on to become the Beauty Editor—to create, conceptualise and come up with or test out trends is something I’m very passionate about, and it’s what drives me every day.

3. How do you manage to juggle between your work and content creation?

Oh man, even I don’t have a clue! LOL. But I guess my passion for the field… for being creative and experimental, for sharing and also kind of having a goal and purpose at the end of the day.Also, the kind of work I do now at MM is slightly different basis my position as compared to my personal content creation on my page.

4. Tell me about your most viral video.

Literally happened to glance at that yesterday! It’s wild but the most random, natural and less forced or “scripted” videos do the best for me. This video has almost 10M views and it’s with me and my sister doing a challenge. See… so random!

5. What kind of audience do you wish to reach through your content.

I want to reach out to the people who currently believe and have a notion that they have to be “perfect”. It’s easy to get fooled and consumed in the whole Instagram world of perfect things. But what I strive to do with my content is keep it relatable, friendly and easy, so that they know that having dark circles, or being short or having a pimple, doesn’t make you less than perfect, it actually makes you human.
We absolutely love how Natasha is sparkling and giving her own touch to beauty content. Her content is really helpful and is the perfect guide when it comes to different products that we aren’t much aware of. It’s amazing how we are hooked to her Instagram feed and can’t wait to see what exciting looks and tips she has in store for us. So, if you haven’t checked out her profile yet then click here and take a look right away!

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