Instagram’s new feature, Remix Reels was launched last week which created a storm on the social media platform. Right after the launch, content creators got on board to create some kick-ass videos. Ngl, these Remix Reels were so good that I ended up scrolling through my feed and of course laughing, liking, sharing and what not! In case you missed out on some of these most hilarious, relatable and amazing ones, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to enter the world of Remix Reels right away!

Here are some of the best Remix Reels…

1. Kusha Kapila Sakshi Shivdasani

Kusha‘s this Reel is literally every mom ever, don’t you agree? But the Remix of this Reel by Sakshi is literally all of us who love the color black and well, own every attire out there in that shade. Yep, that’s me!

2. Prajakta Koli – Ankush BahugunaShraddha Gurung

Shraddha Gurung a.k.a Lil Miss Gurung picked this Kajra Re Reel by Ankush and Prajakta a.k.a Mostly Sane, which is literally all of us. As soon as this song beats drop our ears, all the jhatkas and thumkas start automatically no matter where you are, isn’t it?

3. Nagma Mirajkar

I have two words for this Remix.. ‘mind = blown’. This dance routine by Nagma was amazing the first time we watched it last year, and now when we watch it for the second time it is even more awesome. Amirite?

4. Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar

Awez and Nagma’s this Remix starts with a sense of calmness that then moves on to a high-energy storm. To watch them do this dance routine is an absolute treat to the eyes. Do you guys want more Nawez Remixes like this one, ‘cuz we surely do!

5. Anam Darbar Nagma Mirajkar Awez Darbar Mufasa

Adding some overload of cuteness to this article is this Remix. Anam imitating Mufasa here is so on-point, that we don’t know whether we should go “Awww” or “Haha“. Either way, it surely is an adorable and unique Remix.

6. Ankush Bahuguna Agasthya Shah

Agasthya Shah already made his first move to start a Remix trend and the first creator on-board was Ankush Bahuguna. Now this ‘trend’ may have required more than one person to make it a success, but Ankush… brownie points to you for trying to make this one solo and… a virtual hug too!

7. Sameeksha Sud

The synchronization in both the OG Reel and the Remix is so amazing that I cannot stop watching it. To top it, their matching attire is like a cherry on this dance cake.

8. Mr. MNV Tanzeel Khan Rishabh Chawla Arsh

For all those who dreamed of these #damnboys singing a romantic number together, this one is for you. Did you feel the goosebumps after watching this? Gosh, they are all so charming and talented that taking our attention away from them is quite hard.

9. Aashna Hegde – Unnati Malharkar – Mr. MNV

This trend has been one of my faves and now that there is a Remix on this with Manav, Unnati and Aashna that I cannot resist hitting the double-tap button until my fingers hurt.

10. Ashi Khanna – Aashna Hegde

I guarantee that when you look at this Remix, you will wanna recreate and try the same with your sister or bestie. If you loved this Remix Reel and are keen on doing a similar one, then I suggest you save this for future reference ASAP!

11. Taneesho – Sakshi Shivdasani

Oh, this ‘Remix’ is so relatable that I might cry! Brb, going to create a similar Remix for my friends who live far, far away.

12. Laughing Ananas Ruhee Dosani

Laughing Ananas made a Remix using this fun Reel by Ruhee Dosani, and well, yet again my feelings are in a bit of a fix about ‘Can I laugh and say aww at the same time? ‘Next time… call me maybe?

So these were some of the ‘Remix’ on Reels that I absolutely loved and perhaps just kept watching on loop. I have one too many favourites from this list, what about you? Which Remix did you like best? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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