Time and again Instagram has managed to surprise us with its awesome new features. We aren’t even over Reels and now Instagram has blown us away by launching ‘Remix‘ on Reels. They announced the launch of ‘Remix’ on 2nd April 2021 with the idea of paving a new way to creativity. It helps you create, react and add your own little twist to fun Reels. We are already hooked to this feature and so are many creators. If you wanna know all about this fun new feature, you gotta keep scrolling.

So, what is ‘Remix‘ on Reels all about?

The fun thing about ‘Remix‘ is that it lets you create your own Reel alongside an already existing Reel. This feature is super exciting ‘cuz it allows you to interact with new trends, music, creators and so much more. Instagram’s interactive tools like polls, questions in stories, AR effects etc. have always been a huge part of how people connect with their audience on Instagram. Now, with Remix, creators can connect with each other and successfully create diverse content on the platform. In fact, so many creators have already started exploring this feature. The first few Remix on Reels were posted by creators like Mr. Faisu, Jannat Zubair, Sukriti, Mr. MNV and RJ Abhinav.

Here’s how you can create your own ‘Remix‘ on Reel

Confused about how you can make your own Remix? Well, we’re here to sort your life! Creating your own Remix is pretty simple and all you need to do is follow the below steps.

1. Find a Reel of your choice and tap the three-dot menu to select the option, ‘Remix this Reel’

2. As soon as you select the option, your screen will split into the original Reel and your new one. Now, start recording your content! Your video will be shown side-by-side the original video.

3. Once you’ve recorded your video, you can control the volume of the original audio, your recorded audio and even add a voiceover if you please. Edit your Remix as and how you desire and post it online!

4. One thing y’all should note is that only newly uploaded Reels will have the Remix feature enabled.

So, now you are all set to create your own funky Remix on Reels!

Here’s what a few talented creators have to say about Remix on Reels

Here’s what Mr. Faisu has to say,

Instagram, as a platform, has always helped creators like me to flourish and reach out to a greater audience out there. The new feature, Remix is phenomenal. It’s a great opportunity for creators like me to connect with my fans. Wishing Instagram all the very best and honoured to be featured on Remix.

Taneesha Mirwani says,

I think Remix is a very cool feature that helps Instagram become even more interactive. I love it because I think it gets the best out of me creatively.

Here’s what Saurabh Ghadge thinks about this feature,

I have loved using Remix so far! Regarding my experience so far, I planned on creating a video that my viewers could use and create a Remix of their own. That gives a higher chance of UGC and helps me connect more with the audience. It’s exciting how in a day itself I could cross-collaborate with creators without actually meeting them. Karan(@focusedindian) and I planned on using each other’s Remix videos and we’ve got a great response so far. In fact, I was surprised when Kusha Kapila also remixed my Reels. It was so effortless with a quick turnaround. If that’s what day 1 looks like, I’m sure in the days to come, we can explore new content formats and entertain our audiences together even more! Remix feels like a Yashraj Mukhate takeover!

Aabir Vyas says,

I feel that this Remix feature is really cool as now you can be more creative and innovative than before. Although, I do believe that this feature is a bit challenging as now you must add value and humour to a video that is already widely seen and accepted. But it’s a great opportunity for budding artists to collaborate with their favourite creators without any barriers and move towards mutual growth. Ultimately, it’s not just about inventing new content but also about adding a pinch of innovation and creativity to that existing invention. And that sounds like a splendid idea to me.

It hasn’t even been a few days since this new feature was launched and it’s already taking social media by storm. In all, Remix is quite an entertaining feature and we love how it helps so many creators connect seamlessly with each other. This feature is here to stay so, start Remixing right away!

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