Ever since Instagram Reels was launched, it has been successful in keeping us hooked to our screens all day long. Not only do I enjoy watching fun transition Reels but I also really have fun discovering new music. Apart from giving us non-stop entertainment, Reels has managed to show us a whole new world of engaging music. There are so many awesome tracks that I would have never come across if it weren’t for this fairly new feature by Instagram. While I have also written about the English tracks Reels introduced me to, today is the day to appreciate some desi music. Here’s a list of desi songs that I started listening to after going down the Reels rabbit hole!

Time to update your playlist

1. Brown Munde

This song is literally my jam! I have been listening to it 24/7 and I’m pretty sure that most of us are hooked to it. It gained popularity purely because of the internet and I am not complaining. So many creators created their own fun Reels on this and tbh, all of them were so entertaining.

2. Ghalat Fehmi

If this song doesn’t immediately remind you of the love of your life then I don’t know what will! I found this gem of a song quite recently on Reels when I saw couples posting cute content with this song in the background. The vocals are beautiful and I cannot bring myself to stop playing it on loop.

3. Lut Gaye

Everything about this song screams cute and I am not surprised ‘cuz the makers of this track are famous for creating magical music. This popular song features Emraan Hashmi in the music video and it’s such a deep and meaningful track. It’s defo on my romantic songs playlist and it’s time for you to add it too.

4. Kalank Title Track

Okay, there was a time when all of us were straight-up addicted to this track and especially to the ‘Main Tera’ part of it. While this is already quite a popular number, it gained major popularity after people started using it in their Reels. The amount of romantic Reels and thirst-traps I’ve seen on this song is unreal. Also, just gonna add this video of Zayn Malik here ‘cuz we all deserve to see his gorgeous face! 😛

5. Stereo Hearts x Zaalima mashup

This is one of the most beautiful mashups I have ever heard in my life and all courtesy goes to Reels! Many creators have started getting innovative with music and have started creating fun mashups. This particular remix got extremely popular on Reels and I have no doubt why. I mean, everything about it takes you on a journey.

6. Rang Lageya

I discovered this song on the occasion of Holi and let’s just say, I was immediately hooked to it. It’s a beautiful and soulful track that does take you on a journey of romance. So, next time you are looking for a perfect long-drive song, you know what to play!

7. Vaathi Coming

Yet another amazing example of how Reels helped me discover this amazing track! Vaathi Coming is a super energetic song that’ll surely wake the dancer in you. Not just that, this track became so popular that people actually took part in the viral challenge and did the hook-step of the song.

8. Jashne-E-Bahara version by Viepsa Arora

This beautiful rendition of this classic song is nothing but soothing! The minute I heard it, I knew I was gonna use this song as my secret shrine. If y’all haven’t heard the song yet, let me tell you something, you are seriously missing out.

9. Ride It

Jay Sean is a phenomenal singer and we all can agree to that! However, this song of his has to be one of my favourites. So many people globally are creating Reels and cute compilations and using this song as the background. Also, this adorable BTS video has my heart.

10. Tu Aake Dekhle

Everything about this song is beautiful and it’s a must-have for your playlist. Also, can we please talk about the number of creative Reels people have posted on this song? I am absolutely in love with it!

Well, here are all the songs that I started listening to purely because of Reels. I love how it has a wide audio library and a new set of trending songs every other day. Which song out of this list is your favourite? Tell me in the comments below!

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