One of my favourite people to follow on Instagram is actually celebrity makeup artists. I love it when celebrities give us a beauty tip or two but if you really want some of the details behind those gorgeous looks there’s no better source than their makeup artists. I can scroll for hours on end, looking at makeup tutorials and unique makeup looks on their feeds. Following them is a great peek behind the curtain. You get great makeup tips, product recommendations and behind the scenes pics. Not to mention times where we get blessed with a step by step makeup tutorial. It’s every makeup lovers dream come true. I feel we’ve been lucky with the past year or so more and more celebrity MUA’s have been open and willing to share their secrets and techniques. Of course, we’ll never get their magical hands but with some practice, we can surely give it our best.

Personally, I love consuming all and any kinds of content from professional MUA’s and have learned a lot by watching their tutorials and listening to their tips, tricks and techniques. It’s only made me better at my own makeup and honestly, you can learn so much even by just imitating their brush movements. With so many wonderful artists online imparting their years of knowledge, I thought why not share a select few of my favourite tutorials that can really amp up your beauty game. Trust me, from eyeliner techniques to a summer glow, these tutorials are pretty easy to follow but will end up teaching you a whole lot. Time to pick up that brush and get started

Keep scrolling to check out some amazing celebrity makeup artist tutorials worth your time:

1. Batwing Eyeliner By Katie Jane Hughes

One of the most favourite makeup artists I follow, Katie’s tutorials, tip and tricks are always immensely helpful. Known for working on many celebs and models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ashley Graham with her mesmerizing makeup talents. She regularly shares her getting-ready process on social media and hosts a KJH academy once a week where she creates a step by step look and showcases the best recreations on her IG feed. Moreover, she has a wonderful way of teaching and always encourages her viewers to embrace their natural skin texture. In fact, it was quite tough to narrow down a single video of hers to watch but this eyeliner tutorial changed my life.

Katie creates an eyeliner shape that works aces if you have hooded eyes or heavy folded eyelids that tend to happen naturally as we age. She goes on to explain the best sort of formula to use based on your skin. Then goes on to connect her eyeliner which ends up looking like a tiny batwing with the eyes closed, but seems like a totally normal liner with the eyes open. You just got to try it out at least once and believe me you’ll be amazed.

2. Bronzer vs Contour By Lisa Eldridge

If you’ve been a makeup fan on YouTube for years you would have heard about Lisa Eldridge’s tutorials. They’ve always been super helpful if you want to learn how to do your makeup or recreate certain looks. She’s an English make-up artist and is one of the best in the industry. Her work is often featured in magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and she’s done red carpet make-up for pretty much every celeb you can think of. Basically, she’s a big deal and for good reason. I especially love her style because she’s all about naturally beautiful light make-up that’s effortless, chic and modern.

You can learn literally anything on her YouTube channel. The video below explains the difference between bronzer and contour. It may seem like a simple enough topic but like many, if you’re still a tad bit confused about it you need to watch this. She breaks it down in easy to understand steps and details on when and how to apply it every day. You’ll come out with an easy understanding and with a little practice, you’ll be acing your contouring and bronzing techniques in no time.

3. Rihanna’s Makeup Recreation By Patrick Ta

The go-to makeup artist for many high profile models, celebrities and even big-time influencers. Patrick’s also the artist behind some of Shay Mitchells and Gigi Hadid‘s stunning makeup looks. He has an amazing ability to create a natural yet sultry glow that everyone wants to emulate. Lucky for us he’s recently been sharing more of his techniques on Instagram and even recreating some of his more popular looks on his YouTube channel as well.

My personal favourite is his recreation of this pink-toned look he once did for Rihanna. It’s gorgeous sultry romantic pink makeup with a strong lip that can look gorgeous on so many skin tones. He actually explains his thought process and reasoning behind the choices he makes as he goes in step by step. And hey who doesn’t want to look as fabulous as RiRi? So you really want to pay attention to this one for your next night out.

4. Summer Glow Makeup By Hung Vanngo

The go-to makeup artist of almost every A-lister in Hollywood, Hung Vanngo’s work has probably infiltrated your Insta feed at some point or another. Technicoloured eyes, fresh skin and pillowy lips Hung is a wizard with makeup. It’s no wonder celebrities like it. Selena, Gomez, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Emily RatajKowski all trust him implicitly with their face.

Take one look at this summer glow makeup tutorial and you’ll see how he makes the skin look absolutely stunning and lit within. All the way from prepping the skin to the end result you won’t find any cake-y makeup here. It’s all about enhancing natural beauty. Hung explains everything so clearly and lists everything like the products and brushes he uses for reference. A great guide to what texture or coverage of product you would need to use and the way to apply without feeling overwhelmed. Plus his ultra-soothing voice and chill attitude just draw you in easily.

5. Wedding Makeup By Charlotte Tilbury

By now you might know about Charlotte Tilbury’s incredible makeup line but you should also be following her page for all the makeup tips. She’s painted the faces of dozen actresses, celebrities and supermodels like Amal Clooney, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian-West to Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman the list goes on. Charlotte always shows you how to rock incredible glamourous looks and fresh dewy skin. She’s also the undisputed queen of pink lips or TBH any bold lip. One look at her page and you won’t be able to get the fabulous looks out of your head.

With so many to choose from you, this soft wedding inspired makeup tutorial is a great place to start. It’s a beautiful dreamy look that actually appropriate for any special occasion and looks fantastic on a multitude of skin tones. All you would probably need to do is switch the lip shade to suit your personal preference.

Who is your favourite celebrity MUA? Let me know in the comments below.

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