On World Health Day, Choreographer Ashley Lobo Talks About Dance and Mental And Physical Health

On World Health Day, Choreographer Ashley Lobo Talks About Dance and Mental And Physical Health

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There’s an old saying that goes – ‘Health is wealth’, and by health, it means both physical and mental well-being. In this fast pacing world, we often tend to sideline our health, and eventually, it starts showing adverse effects on our body. If you have ever noticed, even the smallest act of any physical activity gives you a major chunk of happiness. It energies both your body and mind. Now, if you are still wondering why am I stressing so much about health, then guys, it’s World Health Day today and I feel it’s a good reason to spread awareness.

Australian-Indian choreographer and educator Ashley Lobo shared his thoughts on how moving the body has the power to unlock mental and physical wellness. The choreographer is the founder of two of India’s premier professional dance institutes, The Danceworx Performing Arts Academy and Navdhara India Dance. He is known for his unique sensitizing approach which explores movement through yoga, breath, connectivity, and touch. This notable technique put him on the international map and gave rise to opportunities to teach and choreograph overseas. Lobo has over 30 Hindi films to his credit and he has also been a judge on India’s Dancing Superstar on Star Plus.

Speaking of the effect of dance on health, the choreographer says-

As someone who loves dance with a passion and passes it on to my students, I can say with confidence that dance has a life-changing impact on those who embrace it. The world can be a challenging place and given the times we are living in, we can all feel a bit frightened and disoriented. When we dance though, it instantly revives our spirit and gives us a glimpse of how beautiful life can be when we are in the moment and not stressing about the future.
Like meditation, dance can teach us mindfulness even as it keeps us in shape, improves muscle tone & heart and lung health, enhances stamina, motor and aerobic fitness. As you acquire better control of your body, you also start feeling happier and more energised. Movement is truly a secret to holistic wellness because it benefits mental, physical, psychological and emotional health.

As Ashley mentioned- dance, or for that matter, any physical activity is a good way to express emotions and it also helps to attain a strong grip on mental and physical wellness. On the occasion of World Health Day, let’s promise ourselves that we will never take our health for granted and work towards maintaining a good mind and body balance.