Sushmita Sen and her daughter’s — Reneè and Alisah Sen — have always been a mother-daughter trio who make us feel so warm and proud. Sushmita’s decision to adopt both her daughters at a young age was a powerful move that she took on like an absolute superwoman.

She has been an amazing and nurturing mother and has grown up two very brilliant girls who are proud of who they are. Alisah, in a poem she wrote, spoke about adoption, that really made her mother, Sushmita, proud.

The throwback video was shared on Twitter by the page, She The People, and the actress re-shared it. In it, her younger daughter Alisah is seen reciting a poem while urging people to adopt a child, but with love and the intention to give them a new life. She says that every child has the right to live. In the caption, Sushmita wrote, “Such wisdom and grace!!! Alisah Sen inspires me!!! #DuggaDugga #BornFromTheHeart.”

Have a look at the post:

This is honestly such a moving poem, isn’t it? To have a 10-year-old little girl be so graceful and eloquent is something so lovely to see and hear and I sure am a fan of Alisah’s, given Sushmita keeps sharing videos of the little girl being the superstar she is on her Instagram!

Here’s sending Sushmita and her two beautiful girls all the love and light!