It’s often said, ‘when in doubt, dance it out’ and I totally agree! For me and so many of us, dancing has been like a getaway from all worldly problems. Personally, I watch and follow a lot of dancefluencers as they keep creating and posting entertaining dance routines and choreographies. One of my favourites have to be the dancing squad MJ5. They are not only epic dancers but have also recently released their own debut single. Talk about versatility, haha! For years, I have followed their dance routines and tried to recreate them. They have been collaborating with a lot of cool creators and celebs on their Instagram and tbh, I am hooked to their content. So, if you are looking for some entertaining dance inspo, you gotta check out these fun collabs by MJ5.

Get. Set. Groove!

1. Mj5 & MostlySane

On MostlySane’s #SawaalSaturday video, someone asked her about her dancing skills and that’s when she dropped this bombshell collab on us! The whole of MJ5 and herself shook a leg on the group’s latest song, ‘Bawaal‘ and it honestly left me floored. Pretty soon I am starting a petition to watch them collab more often!

2. Mj5 & Dhvani Bhanushali

Dhvani Bhanushali is one singer I absolutely love listening to! Over the last few years, she has given us such amazing music that I absolutely cannot get enough of it. Her collab with the MJ5 squad on her recent track looks so much fun. I bet so many of us are dying to watch them groove again.

3. Mj5 & Terence Lewis

Terence Lewis is someone who doesn’t need any introduction! Time and again, he has managed to blow everyone away with his charming personality and splendid dance moves. Watching the whole of MJ5 and Terence Lewis dance together was nothing less than a visual treat, amirite?

4. Mj5 & Heli Daruwala

Ace singer Darshan Raval recently released a new track called ‘Vilayati Sharaab‘ and it featured the stunning and talented Heli Daruwala. While I absolutely loved that groovy song, it’s even more fun to watch Heli dance to it along with the MJ5 boys.

5. MJ5 & BOM Squad

MJ5 and BOM Squad are two dance groups who surely know how to create a ‘Bawaal‘ together! The BOM Squad is an all-girls crew who is known for their strong and sexy dance moves. Imagine two amazingly talented groups dancing together, it’s surely gotta be epic, isn’t it?

6. MJ5 & Adnaan Shaikh

Adnaan is a popular influencer and part of a creator squad called ‘Team 07‘. He recently featured in a music video and we loved the vibe of this track. I love that the steps are quite breezy and I can totally try and recreate this routine. (Although, I wouldn’t look half and good as they do. :P)

MJ5 is an awesome dance group and have done countless fun collabs with talented people. However, these 6 have to be my favourites! Also, if you STILL haven’t heard their debut music track ‘Bawaal‘ then you are surely missing out on some fun music. Which collab of theirs did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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