Like it or not, during a lockdown, there comes a time when we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. So, we end up scrolling through our ‘grams 24×7! When we do so, we come across some humorous pictures, videos, texts, etc that we end up laughing at and sharing with our friends. Moreover, memes are like glucose-boosters that lift up our mood by bringing a smile to our faces. Tbh, our feed these days is full of funny memes on anything and everything that one can relate to!

Everyone: Where can we find memes?

Me: Here’s a list of few accounts that create some epic memes, just scroll down!

Here they are:

1. Ted The Stoner

Who all are like Jerry? I have both my hands in the air! Well, the guy behind this and more such amazing and trendy memes is the one and only Jitendra Sharma. He is popularly known for his teddy avatar and successful meme page. Jitendra’s memes entertain us and give a strong message to bring a change in the mindsets of people. With over 1.6 million followers he is defo winning our hearts meme by meme!

2. 9gag

Let’s admit, at such times we all turn our heads immediately, don’t we? 9gag is a meme page that I guarantee will make you laugh till your cheeks hurt. Every meme they share is just so on point and 100% relatable that we can spend hours scrolling through this page. Ngl, if you are feeling low then trust me, this meme page might be your ultimate medicine.

3. Viral Indian Official

If you are looking to enhance your meme knowledge then Viral Indian Official has got you covered! This page is popular amongst the youth who are looking for some lol motivation. From images and videos to texts they have all kinds of funny memes. Brb, need to check out the new cool meme they have posted on their feed!

4. Akshar Pathak

Akshar’s page will make you feel like you have entered a whole new world of memes! Here is one of my faves, I mean haven’t we all done this at least once? Everyone who has followed his page has simply fallen in love with his content and sense of humour. He has the capability of making memes out of the tiniest of things and guess what, he never fails to surprise us!

5. The Indian Memes

I am sure it’s very normal for every desi kid to experience this, isn’t it? We are so fond of The Indian Meme‘s content that we cannot resist sharing and tagging all our friends on their super funny and relatable posts. With over 161k followers they curate one of the best desi content on their page. So, check their page and don’t forget to tag your friends!

6. Sagarcasm

The brain behind Sagarcasm meme posts is of the one and only Sagar! A creator who has crossed 355k followers on Instagram. While scrolling through his feed one ends up losing the track of time! If you are not following this page yet then follow it for some fun and incredible meme content.

7. Dipraj Jadhav Edits

What can we say about this talented creator? Honestly, Dipraj Jadhav’s video edits are super hilarious and fun to watch. We have to admit that his comic timing is next-level accurate and we can’t wait to watch and laugh more.

So, here’s a list of some Instagram accounts that have awesome and kickass memes! If the boredom has gotten to you as well, check out these meme pages ASAP. Which meme page do you relate with the most? Tell us in the comments below.

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