In today’s day and age, Instagram has become an essential part of our lives. Every spare moment that we get, we somehow do end up scrolling on the social media platform. I for one, love the Reels feature and it amazes me to see how creators come up with unique and relatable content. And if you have been down the Reels rabbit hole like me, you must have watched Nagma Mirajkar‘s content. She is a creator with one helluva talent! Nagma’s content manages to stand out from the rest with the creative twists that she adds. And we absolutely love it!

Wanna know what we’re talking about, check it out…

1. Kweeennnn

This one is my absolute fave. Nagma has literally owned it in his Reel! Her expressions are so on-point and those moves are so amazing that I have lost count of the number of times I have watched this one. Also, though this number did become viral, Nagma’s video received the maximum views, ain’t that awesome?

2. Transition on-fleek

Woah, the transition in this video is so smooth and the chemistry is so fab. Imma cry just looking at the two. Nagma and Awez Darbar are absolute couple goals and when they come together to take on such viral trends, they create something unique and stunning.

3. The disappearance act

When you see this video, that disappearance act in the middle may just make you gasp for breath ‘cuz that was a genius move. Like lady, take a bow!

4. Shopping haul video done right

Now, that’s how you merge a shopping haul video with a Reel trend and create some kick-ass content. I love how she’s shows each product with an excited expression, that I can literally hear her say, “Hey, I just bought these things and I’m so excited.”

5. Nawez take over!

We have a whole lot of Nawez videos that are our faves, like this one. This duo loves to give their own twists to a trending number by adding some amazing dance moves, mind-blowing transitions and of course a whole lot of energy.

6. Cuteness alert!

Omg, my eyes cannot handle the cuteness in this Reel. Nagma adds a Mufasa twist to this one and our minds are exploding with the aww-dorable vibe here.

7.  Relatable much?

This Reel by Nagma is so relatable that I think it made me create a mental Reel of all the times I have legit done all of these things. Have you guys too? Tell us in the comments below.

8. That atrangi touch

Now that’s what you call ‘creativity on-point’! Nagma took a trending song and created her own version. I am literally so impressed that I’m gonna save this Reel for some inspo.

So these were some of our favourite videos by Nagma that were so good that I had to dedicate an article to it. This creator is so talented that I cannot get enough of her content, and ngl, I eagerly await it too. Which one from this list was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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