Mansi Gupta: A Gamer Creator Who's A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Video Gaming Space

Kavisha Mody , 09 Apr 2021
Mansi Gupta (Source: Instagram | @magsplay)
Mansi Gupta (Source: Instagram | @magsplay)

Gaming is a category whose content is consumed all around the world. There are a lot of talented gaming creators in the country who put out quality content. However, as an industry, gaming and gaming content is still quite a male-dominated space and watching women step into it is nothing short of amazing. One such talented and growing creator is Mansi Gupta a.k.a Magsplay. She is a YouTuber and an avid gamer who believes in breaking stereotypes, a game at a time! When we came across her profile, we were nothing but surprised at the amount of talent and drive this girl possesses. She is indeed like a breath of fresh air in the gaming space.

So, who is Mansi Gupta?

It’s interesting how Mansi comes from a family of chartered accountants and yet she chose to take up content creation, which is volatile and risky but also creative and thrilling. Being an avid gamer since childhood, she started her own YouTube channel, ‘Magsplay’ in November last year. Gaming has always been an integral part of Mansi’s life, she would watch gaming streams for 3-4 hours straight away. However, it was during the lockdown that she decided to pursue her passion and start her own YouTube channel. It’s also quite heart-warming to see that her family is extremely supportive and motivates her to follow her passion and make a career out of it.

All about her content

Mansi is one person who strongly believes in creating quality content over quantity. This is exactly why she spends a lot of time conceptualizing and creating high-quality content. She only started her YouTube channel some time back and has already garnered more than 200k subscribers, isn’t that epic? What we love about her work is that even though gaming is the core of her content, she doesn’t restrict herself to it. She uploads a lot of quirky and engaging videos that keep us hooked to her channel. Mansi loves playing games like Minecraft, GTA5 and many more. Not just that, she also recently uploaded a video of her skydiving from a plane and trust us, that video left us stunned! While it’s widely popular for male creators to take up such challenges, Mansi really wanted the audience to watch a female creator pull off a sporty and adventurous stunt. If you haven’t checked her video out yet, click here.

Here’s what Mansi has to say about her experience as a creator,

I started playing video games as a child, I was a big fan of GTA. I was one of those rare girls who would play these hardcore video games and I thoroughly enjoyed them! A couple of years ago I got hooked on to PubG. Some or the other game has always kept me occupied, hence I decided to dedicate a YouTube channel to gaming, Magsplay. My channel helped me big time! From helping me fight my insecurities to loving myself deeper, it is only because of my channel that I have overcome so many aspects about myself that I was never confident about. Also, I have been immensely lucky to have genuine supporters in my life. They have encouraged me to take this path and I feel more and more women should aspire towards making a career in gaming! I feel gaming is universal and there should be no gender stereotype attached to it.

Mansi Gupta a.k.a Magsplay is out there breaking stereotypical notions and we love it. Gaming is a widely recognised space and we are pretty sure her fanbase is only gonna grow by the day. If you are a gaming enthusiast or are looking for entertaining content, don’t forget to check her YouTube channel out! Also, tell us about your favourite games in the comments below.

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