On April Fool’s Day, pranking people is almost like an unsaid tradition. But there are some people who love pranking people every other day. And we have quite a list of influencers who come under this category. These creators are known for some of the most hilarious content on Instagram, which also include fun and harmless pranks. Want to know who they are, scroll away and find out! PS: Since today is #ArpilFoolsDay, you can totes get some inspo from these creators and their fun pranks and try them on your friends. 😛

1. Awez Darbar

Apart from being an amazing dancer, Awez Darbar is also known for the fun pranks he plays with his friends. We especially love it when he pulls off hilarious pranks on his sister, Anam Darbar. This brother-sister duo literally doubles the entertainment quotient when they create content together. Which prank of his do you find most creative?

2. Sunny Chopra

One amazing creator who we cannot stop talking about is Sunny Chopra. This creator has funny videos made for every occasion and our favourite is definitely the ones where he pulls pranks on the members of the #Atrangz squad.

3. Aadil Khan

Aadil sure can pull off pranks! This creator’s dance moves have such swag, and when you see his prank quotient, you are going to be in for a surprise. This most recent one not only fooled his team members but also his fans. If you fell for this prank too, let us know in the comments.

4. Oye Its Prank

AJ a.k.a Ajay Gundu loves pranking people so much, that it is only justified to have the word ‘prank’ in his username too. His content is so darn hilarious that it can really make you ROFL! If you are looking for some prank inspo for today, his feed is the place to be.

5. Funk You

A laugh marathon on your mind? Then this is the page you must follow! Funk You plays some really hilarious pranks with strangers who are unaware that they are being pranked. This makes for some really funny content with raw reactions.

6. Anirudh Sharma

Here’s a creator who loves to prank his girlfriend, Mrunu a.k.a Mrunal Panchal. His most recent videos are of a number of ways he pranked Mrunu using trending Reel ideas and tbh, it was too funny! These two are sooo adorable and truly couple goals.

7. Funcho

Dhruv Shah and Shyam Sharma are a legit deadly combination with amazing comic timing. Most of their videos are inspired by real-life scenarios and made into content that will make you laugh. Also, let us warn you once you land on their page, you may go down a rabbit hole of hilarious videos.

So, these were some of the creators, we think make the ultimate pranksters. Their content is so refreshing and fun that we honestly cannot get enough of it and eagerly await more videos. Do you have a favourite prankster from this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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