6 Fun Choreos By Dhanashree Verma That Prove She Is A Dancing Queen

Shivangi Sethi , 12 Apr 2021
Dhanashree Verma Cha (Source: Instagram | @dhanashree9)
Dhanashree Verma Cha (Source: Instagram | @dhanashree9)

Every day we come across millions of creators who are taking social media platforms to a completely new level with their super lit choreographies and expressions. We often hear the statement, ‘when in doubt, dance it out’, amirite?  Well, guess what, I totally agree with this and personally follow many dance influencers who set the stage on fire with their smooth and energetic moves. One of them is Dhanashree Verma who creates and posts mind-blowing dance routines and choreographies. If you love dancing just like I do but are looking for some inspo then you have landed at the right place! Check out these power-packed Reels and videos of Dhaashree, I guarantee watching these will make you wanna tap your feet and groove to the beats!

Here they are:

1. Epitome of grace

It’s always a delight to watch Dhanashree dance because her movements are super graceful and defined. This one is my fave as I totally got lost in her expressions and thumkas. Her dance is always fun to watch and try as it brings a huge smile to my face. I bet so many of us have watched this dance routine of hers on repeat, amirite?

2. Our ‘Desi Girl’ 

Dhanashree knows how to set the dance floor on fire with her desi girl moves! It was fun to watch her dance with the energetic boys, Rohit Jethwani and Jiggar Thakkar. The energy in this video automatically makes me wanna get up and dance! Honestly, having talented dancers collaborate on trending and peppy Bollywood music tracks is indeed a treat to watch!

3. Your go-to sangeet choreography 

Every time I watch this video I feel like attending a wedding, especially the ‘Sangeet‘ function! This famous wedding track with Dhanashree’s choreography screams WOW. I am sure whichever team performs this routine will defo win the competition. Brb, need to learn this routine for the upcoming wedding season!

4. Burning the stage on fire with fiery moves  

Every time I watch this video, I end up saying ‘Haye Garmi‘! Her strong and powerful moves really have me flat on the floor. Tbh, she takes everyone by surprise with her creative dance choreographies. The visual effects this video has are epic and I love how creative she can get.

5. Bomb-shell of sassiness

I am certain that Dhanashree is the perfect definition of a ‘Dancing Queen’! I am a big fan of her sassy moves, expressions, and the energy that creates all the magic. I would love to try out all her choreographies however, I will surely not be as good as her.

6.  Powerhouse of energy 

Dhanashree is one of the most phenomenal dancers I know! She defo is the master of Hip-Hop and Urban dance since she is super light on her feet. The kind of dance Reels she makes with her team are quite quirky and are enjoyed by everyone. Especially this one, her strong and powerful movements took my breath away and kept me hooked to this performance.

These dance choreos of Dhanashree really got me grooving! I love her dance, not just because of her killer moves, but also because of her expressions and full-on energy, which keeps me glued to her feed and YouTube channel. Which dance routine out of this list made you jump with excitement? Let us know in the comments below.

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