Follow These Mindfulness Accounts For Your Daily Dose Of Well-Being & Positivity

Follow These Mindfulness Accounts For Your Daily Dose Of Well-Being & Positivity

Kavisha Mody

Social media is a great place to be on, but at times we all can agree that it can get too overwhelming. Currently, we are all living in uncertain times and the pandemic has affected the mental health of countless people. Personally, I have been spending a lot of time on social media and sometimes I start getting too overwhelmed by the negativity out there. So, I decided to follow a few mindful Instagram pages that can help me with my daily dose of positivity and motivation. Ever since I started following these pages, it has positively impacted my well-being. So, if you are looking for your daily dose of mindfulness and well-being, you gotta check these beautiful profiles out.

Ready. Set. Breathe

1. The Artidote

The Artidote is a beautiful and growing community of people who wish to heal, bond, story-tell and empathise through art. Curated by founder, Jova Ferreyra, this community has over 5 million followers across multiple social media handles. It puts out artistic content that will really make you think, help you grow and allow you to come to terms with your real self.

2. The Mantra Co.

Tbh, this page is one of my favourites! The Mantra Co. is a self-development and wellness page that helps you grow through mantras, astrology, mindful coaching and positive affirmation. Firstly, this is an awesome page for anyone who believes in astrology and it also helps you feel motivated, confident and focused. So, whenever you are feeling low, just head to this page.

3. Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is a highly recognised personal coach, motivational speaker, author and much more. He posts extremely introspective content on his Instagram that really helped me open my eyes. His content will open a whole new world of spirituality for you and help you be more self-aware and mindful.

4. Third Eye Thoughts

Third Eye Thoughts is a large community of over 3 million people on Instagram and I am happy to say that I am one of them. All the spiritually curious souls, this page can literally be your shrine. It actively posts motivational write-ups and will give your daily dose of positivity. A lot of their content revolves around believing in one’s self and that’s something we all should do!

5. Malini’s Girl Tribe

While this is not a mindfulness page, but it’s defo a beautiful and safe community for all the women out there. It posts a lot of positive and relatable stuff that all women can connect with from time to time. Sometimes, we don’t need motivation, we just need someone to understand us and this community does just that. You will find fun workshops, lives, motivational posts, engaging content and much more. Not just that, Girl Tribe has also launched their very own app for women, which can be your safe social media space to express your true self. Trust me, once you register on the app, you enter a whole new world of empowered women!

6. Thinking Minds

Thinking Minds page is where you should go in case you need to fuel your motivation! This page is all about posts that will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. It currently has more than 2.9 million followers on Instagram and its community is only growing by the day.

7. Long Walks

Whenever you feel down, this beautiful page is here to lift your spirits up! Long Walks is a popular mindfulness page that posts regular positive affirmations that you can say to yourself. Not just that, it’s also an app that you can download and use. An Instagram page like this will help you mindfully use social media.

8. The Happy Storybook

The Happy Storybook is a beautiful and safe social media page for everyone out there. It’s a community that helps you heal through motivational content and positive re-affirmation. It also encourages you to live in the moment and just hang in there. If you check their posts out daily, you’ll surely start your day on a better note. Also, their feed follows an amazing and soothing aesthetic!

There you go, these awesome mindfulness pages on Instagram have really helped me look at life from a different perspective. If you are looking for your daily dose of motivation and well-being, you shouldn’t miss out on these pages. How do you take care of your mental health? Tell us in the comments below!

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