While there’s so much to love about summer it’s the season where you can really unleash your makeup skills. There’s something about the long sunny days and breeze that makes you want to play with bright blushes, fun colours and graphic liners. It’s also the perfect time to experiment with new trends tools and techniques. But if you’re not in the mood to get super experimental with time-consuming or wacky trends we’ve got you covered. There’s no shortage of inspiration and we’ve got all the summertime makeup inspo you need. Bookmark these looks ASAP because they look fabulous not just for summer but all year round!

Keep scrolling to see easy and fun makeup looks you have to try this summer:

1. Blush all over

It’s all about the blush this year plus it’s low-key our favourite makeup trend. Play with colourful blush in pinks or reds and showcase the colour on your eyes and cheeks. Use a cream blush for the ultimate glow. Blend it onto the apples of your cheeks and then up and out towards your cheekbones.

2. Freckle fun

Summer is the perfect time to let your natural skin glow and showcase your cute AF freckles. Don’t have any? Recreate natural-looking faux freckles with a soft brown pencil or liner and blend them in with your fingers. We’ve already bookmarked this stunning soft nude that works great all year round.

3. Pastel dream

Pastels always look gorgeous and can be worn in a multitude of ways. Yes even for summer! Instead of using one shade use a few different shades of pastel for a whole summer vibe and get creative. How fun is this look! If you don’t know where to begin, follow the colour wheel for a cohesive, rainbow look to get you started.

4. Get the glow

How mesmerising is this dewy look! The skin looks hydrated and sunkissed with the right amount of peachy-pink tones on the cheeks and juicy lips. Absolutely radiant for the season and it looks gorgeous any time of day.

5. Happy neon

Allow yourself room to play with colour. While you might have played with neons in the past you have to give it a whirl in summer. Rather than the usual pinks or oranges try a bright yellow or neon green instead and apply it however you like. It can be a tiny pop of colour or something bolder and graphic.

6. Clean and minimalistic

Sometimes less is more and if you prefer a more minimalistic approach why not swap out your powder products for cream instead. Let your skin do all the talking this summer. Cream products just blend effortlessly onto the skin and can imitate a natural glow from within. Moreover, they work great to perfect an effortless no-makeup makeup look

7. Glossy mauve

Monochrome makeup is always an excellent idea and gorgeous mauve tones create a summer makeup story worth repeating every season. Plus it’s easy enough to replicate should you choose to do so. Keep the skin dewy and use a glossy texture product on the lids for maximum shine effect.

8. Softly sunlit

Bronzed lids, skin and softly contoured cheekbones are all you need for summer! Keep everything else simple with fluffy brows and natural lips. Work in a gorgeous golden highlight and you’ve got yourself that glow from within. Catch us wearing this glowy look on repeat all summer long.

9. Ethereal green eyeshadow

This stunning iridescent emerald green eyeshadow is in a complete mood. Nothing glistens and gleams better in the sunlight. Wear it all your eyelid or try this graphic style for a fun look that’s all about the eyes. Pair it with a glossy lip and a set of dramatic false lashes and you’re ready to conquer the day.

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