Do you miss the good old days when we used to pre-book our movie tickets, spend time selecting a good seat in the theatre, popcorn break during the interval, and people hooting with happiness when their favorite stars appear on the screen? (ya I know, sometimes they just don’t stop screaming and it starts getting a little annoying). The pandemic has changed the face of the cinemas as a major chunk of the entertainment world is shifting its content base onto the OTT platforms. Amidst all this, there are a few films that are still waiting for the pandemic situation to cool down so that once again they can provide the audience the feel and the experience of watching movies in a theatre. One such movie is Prabhudeva’s Radhe, featuring Salman Khan and Disha Patni in the lead roles.

Salman Khan revealed that he is looking forward to release the upcoming action-thriller movie, Radhe, on May 13, during  the Eid weekend, but due to the lockdown restrictions in some parts of the country, there’s likely to be a change.The actor previously also informed that if he misses out on the Eid weekend, he will then schedule the release on next Eid and this kept his fans wondering if the release has actually been postponed t0 2022. Pinkvilla has an exclusive insight on this topic and as per their source, If the makers of Radhe miss out on the Eid weekend this May, then the next release date will be the Bakri Eid weekend in July.

As per the Pinkvilla report, the source says-

The makers of Radhe are very keen to bring it on May 13, however, given the present scenario, releasing it in May seems unlikely. They will reanalyze the on-ground scenario in the last week of April and then announce the postponement plans of Radhe. If cases drastically fall (which looks difficult), the film might just come on Eid with a tight campaign. The team has all their material ready – ranging from the posters to theatrical trailer and songs, and are all indulged in the wait and watch game for now. But realistically speaking, Eid release in May looks hazy

Salman Khan has strictly ruled out the option for an OTT release and has promised the fans that the movie will premiere only in theatres once the covid-19 numbers reduce. However, looking at the current scenario, the chances of the film releasing on May 13 looks dubious. On a side note, I really cant wait to watch this movie and moreover, I’m super excited to see Salman Khan on the big screen again! I really hope the Covid-19 situation gets better soon.