Do you guys remember the summer vacations that we had when we were kids? They were sunny, full of fun, games, trips and they were of course mandatory. With time, everyone eventually realizes how golden the childhood days were. In 2020, the lockdown apart from keeping us at home sure did give us a lot of time to feel nostalgic about every trip we had ever taken in our lives. Come 2021 and a lot of us made sure we made up for the lost travel time. For the ones that couldn’t take that trip, a few content creators took their followers on a virtual one through their feed. The grainy sand, sunny skies and blue as ever sea in their photos were an absolute treat to the eyes. So are you ready to take this tropical vacay with me?

Ready. Set. Scroll.

1. Aashna Shroff

It’s been a while since I sat down on the beach and soaked in that warm sun. Ah, all the photos in this Instagram carousel of Aashna remind me of all those time I enjoyed such evenings.

2. Juhi Godambe

I don’t know about you all but Jaipur is now on my tropical vacay list after checking out these pics of Juhi. This place, that attire and the whole vibe is so amazing. If you all can think of more to words express how much I love this pic, please fill in the blank ____ by commenting below!

3. Aakriti Rana

This gorgeous beach facing property in Goa is so stunning that I can’t get enough of it. The video tour by Aakriti is creativity on-point and captures the beauty of this place so well that for a minute I mentally transported myself to here.

4. Unnati Malharkar

When on a boat, let the wind be felt in your hair. The feeling is so surreal and awesome that this creator’s photo surely did help me feel that. I also love how the three photos are the exact representations of the very many moments when you’re sitting on a boat.

5. Ashi Khanna

Wow! There’s something magical about the OG music that nature has. And this specific music by the sea is my fave. Whatever be the mood, a few seconds of listening to this sure can uplift your mood and give you that sense of calm, don’t you agree?

6. Mohammed Salim Khan a.k.a msk_s1991

Msk‘s trip to Andaman islands looked so stunning and adventurous that I probably stalked him to be on this virtual tour with him. For all the beach vacay lovers out there, this place is one you must add to your bucket list.

7. Natasha Luthra

Natasha sure is killing it with her perfect vacay outfit. That sun-kissed glow and the stunning tint of blue from the sky and waters make for the perfect backdrop. And that third pic, yeah, I’m saving that one for future purposes for sure!

8. Nicole Concessao

The play of colours by nature is so beautiful in this pic. Tbh, if I had the superpower to teleport, it would surely be here. Walking on the sand as the sun sets and the skies playing a medley of changing colours. Nicole, I am so jealous of you, but also, thank you for posting this!

9. Debashree Biswas

Debashree’s this photo screams woah! This pic is a simple reminder that the visual beauty that you see when you travel sometimes just needs to be soaked in. So the next time I travel, I’m surely going to hit pause and let my mind take a mental picture instead.

10. Bandgi Kalra

I don’t know about you guys, but I can defo feel my feet soaked in the seawater. Perhaps, this virtually taking a vacay idea is something I might do more often than expected especially when I cannot take that trip physically. LOL!

So here were a few photos from influencers that were an absolute visual treat and quite refreshing for the mind too, amirite? These creators sure did help me chalk out my bucket list of places to visit soon, until then I just might bookmark this article and skim through it whenever I want to take that virtual tropical vacay. Are you guys thinking of doing that too? Tell us about it in the comments, also do tell us which photo or video from this list blew your mind.

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