If you’re reading this I bet you just love makeup with a passion. While it’s all about skincare now, it’s likely that makeup was your first love. Whether it was playing with your mom’s lipsticks or spending all your free time walking up and down the beauty counters at Sephora or your local mall. Something is spellbinding about every little product when you grow up a makeup lover. And why not? Makeup really is an incredible art that can be used to express yourself and enhance your gorgeous natural features.

But here’s a confession, I am very much obsessed with makeup. I spend way too much time watching tutorials and way too much money on palettes and lipsticks that I probably don’t need. While I’ve sort of cured my hoarding habit, I have been guilty more than once of spending half of my salary on something new. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in the same boat. We, makeup addicts, know all about having tons of products and palettes gathering dust. But hey that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it! Here are a few hilarious moments only a makeup junkie will understand!

1. Whenever a friend asks you for a makeup suggestion you get extremely excited.

You start overwhelming them with details and a multitude of options. If they ask you which product you’ve used, you give them a thorough A-Z of your makeup arsenal and every movement you made on your face.

2. Coming out of Sephora your whole arm is covered in swatches.

Well, you gotta try and compare the texture and colour of each product otherwise how could you ever decide!

3. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a fellow makeup hoarder.

If you get a bestie that’s a fellow collector and makeup junkie it’s like finding your soulmate. You can talk about everything makeup and beauty till the cows come home.

4. You could be broke but you still really need that new palette or lipstick.

You probably already have one just like it but convince yourself the tone or texture is different and add to the cart at lightning speed.

5. You can’t seem to leave the house without lipstick on.

Even if it’s gloss, tint, or liquid lipstick in a nude shade you just can’t do without it.

6. You go crazy during sales.

You’ve kept a list of favourite products and new launches patiently waiting in your online cart for the seasonal sales. Plus you can’t pass up a good deal or offer even if it’s more than you originally wanted to spend.

7. You’ve run out of storage space

Drawers, makeup pouches and shelves— you always end up running out of space to store all your new purchases and old favourite’s. But even though your drawers are probably spilling out you still know where everything is. This reminds us it’s probably time for some spring cleaning.

8. You always pack way too much makeup on your vacation

It’s tough narrowing down just the right amount of choices you need for your holiday! What if you forget something crucial. Yes, you need those 5 lipsticks 3 highlighters and palettes and more. You don’t want to be caught unprepared.

9. You make a night of cleaning your makeup brushes and then wish you never did it because they take forever to dry

That feeling when you have to clean your huge collection of dirty makeup brushes all in one night. Ugh! It feels like a never-ending task.

10. Makeup is always on your mind

You can’t help it whether you’re hanging out with friends or at work you’re constantly thinking about all the new launches or products you want to try. Raise your hand if you follow Instagram accounts that keep you updated and notify you about upcoming releases.

11. When you find that one amazing makeup product, you have to rave about it to your fellow makeup junkies.

12. Randomly remembering a makeup product you haven’t seen in a while and wondering when you last used it.

13. You’ve tried and tested every single beauty hack possible no matter how crazy it sounds.

How many of them did you relate to? Are you a certified makeup junkie? Let me know in the comments below.

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