Talent has no limits or barriers! Every day we come across new and unique content that is created by talented creators on social media platforms. The newest talent on the block brings back Hula Hoop with dance and style! This indeed proves that hooping is so much more than just a mere hobby. Eshna Kutty a popular flow artist and now a social media star gives us exactly that! Eshna became an overnight sensation when she surprised netizens on the ‘gram with her Hula-Hooping skills in a saree and sneakers. So here are a few posts that prove Eshna Kutty has hula-hooped the internet by storm with her unique talent!

Here they are:

1. Free-flowing

Very rarely we come across creators who catch our attention instantly in the blink of an eye. Eshna is defo one of them! In this Reel, her effortless movements and the hooping creates all the magic, something we are totally hooked to. Honestly, no amount of words can explain how gracefully she dances and moves. A talent like this must be treasured!

2. #SareeFlow

Well, now the first thing that strikes us when we hear ‘Hula Hoop’ is, Eshna! This is the video that went viral on social media and everything about it screams ‘UNIQUE’, isn’t it? Twisting on popular music tracks like ‘Genda Phool’ with a saree and pair of sneakers while Hula Hooping needs no justification as to why she became a social media star.

3. Whirling state of mind

Eshna in her ‘flow’ state of mind is the BEST! The way her skirt and Hula Hoop twists and twirls making patterns looks simply incredible. This Reel is like a flowing painting that we can’t get enough of! Brb, need to go and watch this Reel in slo-mo right now!

4. Surr-Reel

Honestly speaking, it’s a treat to watch Eshna’s videos and Reels! This one especially, for a moment it virtually transported me to a wonderland with a dancing ballerina. Gosh, I have lost the number of times I have watched this ‘Surr-Reel’. Everything here is so aesthetic and breath-taking that I can cry. ❤️😭

5. This girl is on fire, literally

OMG, saving the best for last, this girl is literally on fire! No doubt, Eshna is a creator who is always on the run for creating something unique and stunning that will leave us nothing less than speechless. Her dedication and practice really paid off well and we are super lucky to come across a creator like Eshna, don’t you agree?

So there you go guys, these were some posts of Eshna Kutty that we absolutely loved. Even though the article is over but Eshna’s creativity isn’t. If you still are not convinced about her being the queen of hula hoop then you surely need to check the profile out now.

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