Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli ( Source: Instagram | @anushkasharma)
Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli ( Source: Instagram | @anushkasharma)

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one couple who set goals with their endearing, relatable and real relationship. Even during the lockdown last year, they shared some fun and adorable glimpses of their time together and ti sure won all our hearts. The biggest difference for them from last year is that now, they are proud parents to a lovely baby girl Vamika! But looking back at their time last year, Anushka shared a few glimpses of her lockdown memories with her husband from last year. And it’s not just them but their fur buddies too who made their lockdown memorable!

From the looks of it, Virushka spent a great deal of time in their own special world during last year’s lockdown in a lovely farmhouse far away from the city and it was filled with love, laughter and, of course, lots of dogs! We all know how the couple love their furry pets. In the video, we see Anushka being chased by her dog, Dude and they are seen playing together. The couple are also seen feeding and playing with the super friendly stray puppies and dogs. Anushka captioned the video, “Some special, priceless moments from last year.”

Watch the heartwarming video here :

Virat has previously opened up about how Anushka made him more conscious towards animal rights.

He had said,

Looking after the welfare of animals is a cause very close to my heart now as Anushka is very passionate about this issue. Her vision to help stray animals across India is truly inspiring for me and since I have met her, I have tried to understand more about animal rights and the urgent need for medical assistance for strays. It is our dream to create a safer space for the stray animals of our city.

This video clearly shows how considerate and caring their two are about dogs. Meanwhile, Anushka is looking to open her animal shelter next year in the outskirts of Mumbai.

This couple sure knows how to win our hearts each time, no?