Madhura Bachal: A Creator Who Launched Her Own Spice Brand Through Content Creation

Kavisha Mody , 17 Apr 2021
Madhura Bachal (Source: Madhura Bachal)
Madhura Bachal (Source: Madhura Bachal)

It’s a popular notion that content creation is easy and one only takes it up for entertainment. However, we strongly believe otherwise. We feel content creation has inspired and uplifted so many people around the world. For so many of us worldwide, creating content is a way of expressing and accepting our real selves. Madhura Bachal is a living example of how creating content empowered her into launching her own home-grown spice brand. Such stories never fail to inspire us! Here’s everything you need to know about Madhura, a mother, content creator and entrepreneur who’s here to show us how social media can be used to create something phenomenal.

All about Madhura and her content

It’s no doubt that today, Madhura is one of the most loved food bloggers among the masses. She is known for her simple and insightful Marathi cooking videos. Each video of hers has an authentic essence, which we absolutely admire. Madhura explored the world of social media back in 2009 while she was on maternity leave and decided to give her passion a shot. Back in those days, when she tried to search for recipes in Marathi, she couldn’t find any.  This inspired her to start her own recipe blog in the Marathi language. Over a period of time, she gained enough confidence to resign from her full-time job and pursue content creation as a career. Currently, she has more than 1 million followers on Facebook, which is where she pre-dominantly creates content and 331k followers on Instagram. It’s through her consistent content on Facebook that she has now managed to launch her own range of authentic spices under the brand name, ‘Madhura’s Recipe Masalas‘. Way to go, KWEEN!

We got the opportunity to dig a little deeper into her journey…

1. How did you start your journey and for how long have you been creating content?

I started my journey as a food blogger in 2009, and it’s been more than a decade now. Writing blogs around Marathi cuisine, I soon discovered the power of social media. Since the internet provided a global platform with a wide reach, I thought of leveraging it and started posting content on Facebook in 2010. Around that time Facebook was the only social media platform that one could use to share food blogs and food-related content, to garner large-scale interest.

2. What inspired you to take up content creation?

In 2009 I was in a full-time banking job and had a well-settled life. Initially, whenever I browsed for Marathi food recipes on the internet or Facebook, I hardly used to find any. I was on maternity leave when I explored the internet, and video streaming platforms came across as a wonderful opportunity to pursue one’s passion. That inspired me to start my blog with a vision to create awareness around Marathi cuisine. I utilized the time during my maternity leave to create recipes, click relevant pictures, and write blogs. After amassing enough confidence that I could take food blogging as a full-time career, I resigned from my job to pursue my passion.

3. How do you manage to juggle between your work and personal life?

I am a mother of two, and with the support of my family, it has become easier to focus on content creation. I have received constant support from my husband, who is also a software engineer and gives me technology-related guidance.

4. Tell us, how did a social media platform like Facebook play a role in your success?

Facebook has played a huge role in my success, especially in reaching out to a global audience. Facebook has always been a great platform ever since I started with my blog writing. It has helped me in various ways in building a strong community and helping me make my content available to a larger number of people. Sharing recipe images on Facebook and posting detailed recipes with video links significantly helped to increase the reach. We have seen massive growth in terms of followers and the love for regional cuisines through Facebook.

5. What kind of your audience do you wish to reach through your content.

I wish to reach out to all kinds of audiences with no limit to age, gender, ethnicity – who need my help in trying out new recipes and learning to cook with different ingredients every day.

6. What challenges do you face while creating content and how do you overcome them?

With my banking background, I had little to no idea about technical things about creating a blog, writing content, taking good quality pictures, and using the first-ever social media platform like Facebook to brand our blog. It was a gradual process for me. Recently, with the pandemic induced lockdown, I also faced many challenges especially with the increase in demand of the food content during this time. Without any help from my staff and domestic help, shooting content has been very difficult to manage.

7. You have already launched your own food products, what new can we expect from you in the near future?

We have our own in-house spice brand known as MadhurasRecipe Masala. The vision behind the brand is to make rustic Maharashtrian spices available for easy and authentic use. I wanted to come up with something that could help people with their frequently asked food-related questions like ‘How to create an authentic taste and colour for the dish, etc.’ That’s when we thought of coming up with our own brand ‘MadhurasRecipe Masala’. Along with this now, I am planning to grow my retail presence and add more products. I am also looking to expand beyond Maharashtrian cuisine and experiment with other cuisines.

Madhura started her content creation journey on Facebook and since then she has indeed come a long way. Through her work she is surely making all the women in our country proud, isn’t she? We are super excited to see everything new she has in store for us in the future and are super proud of her. If you haven’t checked her profile out yet then you are seriously missing out on some amazing recipes, click here and take a look right away.

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