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Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood

When the pandemic struck us last year, the one person who came forward and went out of his way to help the ones in need was actor Sonu Sood. He earned a special place in all our hearts, and was even hailed as the ‘Messaiah’ of our times by many. He even went on to wrote a book about his experience stepping up to help his fellow citizens during these tough times titled, ‘I Am No Messaiah’.

While he put all his efforts into fighting the virus, it unfortunately caught onto him, too. The actor took to his social media today to share that he had tested positive for the virus. The actor shared a note that read ‘COVID – POSITIVE ; MOOD & SPIRIT – SUPER POSITIVE’. He also added that he has quarantined himself and is taking care of himself. And given he is always all ears to hear people out, he shares that this spending his days at home will give him more time and liberty to look into and help more people.

Here is his note:

How noble is it that he is still thinking about what he can do for others even when he is in a not-so-healthy situation? Well, I sure do hope he feels very well very soon.