All of us know that social media platforms play an essential role in our lives. Instagram, being one of the most active networking platforms today is gaining momentum with every passing day. Any creator who wishes to make a mark knows how important Instagram as a medium is. Moreover, they all try to amp up their feed by making their content more visually appealing and engaging. To do so they need to be creative and unique and therefore here comes Nicole Wong to their rescue! A teach influencer who shares hacks and tips to amp up our Instagram. So, keep reading to find out what these awesome creative hacks are and get ready to glam the shiz out of your feed?

Here you go!


Do you wish to see your Instagram story text moving? Just follow these easy steps explained by Nicole to see how to pin your text to move in the same direction as your subject. This sounds incredible right, it’s a great way to add and remove text from your videos on Instagram stories.


This is one of the most interesting hacks that will help you make boomerangs in seconds! Well, did you know you can convert your live videos to Instagram boomerangs? Check out this super quick tutorial to learn how to convert your live videos into boomerangs. So, go and start experimenting with this idea on your story right away!


Wish to add a gradient colour to your text? This is a super creative and unique hack that I guarantee you had no clue of! Not just that, after watching this Instagram story hack, I realized how innovative yet easy it is to add gradient colour text to our videos and pictures.


Nicole Wong really opened up a whole new world of Instagram for us with her #Hacks! These days we come across a lot of negativity online. What if, I said that we could control the same on our Instagram posts with just a few clicks, awesome right? Here’s a hack that is super easy to follow to control unwanted words on a post so, check it out and try them out with your posts.


Nicole Wong is a phenomenal coach who is absolutely blowing our minds with her tips and hacks videos. The way she explains these hacks is quite amazing. Here’s another interesting one that will help you make shortcuts to your DM messages saving your time searching and typing. So, what are you waiting for try this hack out right now!


Want to make some creative out-of-the-phone stories? Here’s a way to add your picture or video overlay on a phone background template. In simple words, there is a way to add mockup phones on Instagram stories. Shocked, don’t be… Just check out Nicole’s video to understand how is this done.


We all know how to use and change text fonts on an Instagram story, don’t we? Well, here’s a catch your emojis too can glow and change. Nicole quickly showed us how to add this effect to our Instagram stories’ emojis and it left us shook! We are certain that this hack will leave your stories looking glam.

So, here are a few Instagram hacks by Nicole Wong that really took us by surprise! These creative unknown tricks really helped us amp up our Instagram stories and posts to the next level. So, if you wish to try something creative, and unique then her profile is the best place to go! Out of these, which hack are you gonna try first? Tell us in the comments below!

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