It’s often said that ‘music expresses what words cannot’ and I completely agree with this. Music is the universal language of love and people who create amazing music are my favourites. We are currently living in uncertain times and there’s a lot of negativity out there. So, when everything becomes too overwhelming, I resort to listening to good music by a talented creator called Aksh Baghla. Let me tell you one thing, his voice is literally a treat to my ears and his mashups are nothing but soulful and amazing. Aksh is a popular singer and YouTuber who currently has more than 2.88 million subscribers listening to his soulful voice on YouTube. So, here are some of my favourite mashups by him that literally makes my soul happy. Are you ready to go down the musical road? 🎵

Here you go!

1. Peaches X Mere Bina

Justin Bieber who? I think all of us are aware of Justin’s latest track that has got the world grooving. However, Aksh just took it to a whole new level altogether. Also, Mere Bina is one of the most classic songs from the 2010s and even after a whole decade has passed, I still cannot get over it. So, hearing Aksh create a seamless mashup of the two literally had me gushing.

2. Heartbreak Anniversary X Agar Tum Saath Ho

Very few songs manage to evoke strong emotions in me and this mashup does exactly that. BRB, I literally gotta go cry after hearing this soulful mashup of the two most popular and soothing tracks ever. It’s surely gonna take me some time to get over this video. 😍

3. Yeh Ladki Haye Allah X Euphoria

If you aren’t a fan of BTS then we cannot be friends! This K-Pop band has literally taken the world of music by storm with their fabulous tracks. So, when I heard Aksh’s mashup of Euphoria by BTS with one of the most classic songs in Bollywood, I was literally floored. Trust me, you’ll get hooked to this video.

4. Ghalat Fehmi X Anyone

If you don’t know the popular track ‘Ghalat Fehmi’ then you are surely living under a rock! This track created havoc on Instagram as so many people used it to come up with their own creative Reels. Let me tell you one thing, after hearing this mashup of Ghalat Fehmi and Justin Bieber’s Anyone, I got obsessed with Aksh’s voice.

5. Stuck With U X Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag

Sawan is yet to arrive but I can already feel the aaag! 🔥 Can we please talk about what a pro Aksh is at creating seamless mashups? If you ask me, I am totes gonna ditch the OG audio and listen to his covers instead! 😛

6. Senorita X Zara Zara

I am 41 weeks deep in Aksh’s Instagram feed and trust me, it’s worth it ‘cuz you’ll find this beautiful piece of work. Zara Zara is not just a song, it’s a piece of art and hearing Aksh sing it literally makes my soul happy. The way he blends two distinct songs and turns them into a masterpiece is swoon-worthy.

7. Shayad X All Of Me

Watch this video for your daily dose of calm. I love how his voice is so unique and it really helps me (and surely many of us) feel more positive and relaxed. He really knows how to lift people’s spirits up through his voice and I absolutely dig that!

If it were entirely upon me, this list would have been endless! 😛 However, these 7 mashups really managed to blow me away and have a special place in my heart. Whether it’s his ‘1 Guy 30 Voices’ video or his collab with the international sensation Lauv, time and again Aksh has managed to leave everyone awestruck with his work. Which mashup cover of his is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below! On a side note, I hope everyone reading this is staying home and staying safe during these really uncertain times.

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