The current world atmosphere might have you down in the dumps as we WFH once again and you just want to mute that alarm. Sometimes adulting is just plain exhausting and overwhelming in this current climate. I don’t know about y’all but personally, I feel there’s nothing like a good manicure to cheer me up. While regular trips to the salon might be on pause at the moment it hasn’t stopped the endless flow of nail designs on Instagram.

It’s amazing how creative nail artists get with current trends and put their spin on classic designs. I particularly enjoy cute fun designs that are just so doable from the comfort of your own couch. Plus it gives you something to look forward to doing on the weekends. So get ready to put that smile back on your face with my roundup of the cutest nail art trends that will brighten up your day. Btw you should totally start bookmarking these designs for later whether you’re doing them at home or for your next appointment because there are so many wonderful options to choose from!

Scroll below to check out these delightful nail designs:

1. Star nail stickers

The cutest ever star cuffs with a nude polish. All you really need are some tiny rainbow star stickers you can find online. Paste them on once your polish is dry and follow up with a top coat to make sure they stay put. Low effort, big impact.

2. Handprinted cherries

Apparently, fruit manicures are going to be a big thing so start of the season with this adorable cherry design. It’s super sweet and fun with french tips.

3. Rainbow swirls

How adorable are these rainbow doodles! Just create the swirls where your tips would be. All you really need is a fine-tipped nail brush. Alternate with different colours for a more interesting look or one shade for more subtlety. Either way, it looks fantastic on both short and long nails.

4. Pink skies

Cloud nails are still a top trend but instead of blue skies switch up to pink and orange for those sunset vibes.

5. Checkerboard swoops

Checkboard prints have been having a moment in fashion and now it’s migrated to nails. Up the quirky factor with these swooping edges in varying colours, that’s bright yet very chic. Keep. Your nail brush and tape the ready for this one.

6. Mismatched art

Playing around and try a different design on each nail. Plus it’s way easier if you’re doing it yourself as no one will be alike.

7. Clear skies ahead

There’s always light at the end of a rainbow so say goodbye to those cloudy days and cheer up with this sweet mani.

8. Summertime stripes

Pretty straightforward design just take it up a notch and more vibrant summer colours with thin stripes.

9. Tiny florals

Florals aren’t groundbreaking but you got to appreciate these dainty daisies. Use a toothpick or the end of a bobby pin for perfectly symmetrical dots. Easy peasy.

10. Smiley faces

It’s impossible not to smile when you look at these nails and it’s extremely easy to do. If you love bright polish this nail art is a fresh spin on your favourite colours.

11. Velvet Dream

Two trends are better than one right? The velvet and cloud trend come together for this super dreamy design that just stuns in the sunlight. If you’re a pro at nail art this is one you should definitely give a shot.

12. ‘90s Butterflies

Butterfly decals? Yes please! Paired with a classic French manicure and you’ve got a winning throwback look.

Which nail art design are you going to try out next? Let me know in the comments below.

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