We are all currently living in some extremely uncertain times. Globally, people are getting affected by the Covid-19 pandemic not only physically but mentally too. Surviving the pandemic last year was tough and it also did take a toll on the mental health of many. While January 2021 gave us new hopes, with the present situation India has fallen in the clutches of the virus yet again. So, in this extremely unpredictable time, we have to come together and fight the virus (which metaphorically means, please don’t step out of your house). As we all know, influencers have a good follower base and the power to reach out, influence and help people in need. In a time like this, here’s what we think each and every social media influencer can do in order to combat the crisis and assist the people in need.

These small steps can indeed make a big difference

1. Keep a lookout for DM’s and requests

Message and DM requests (Source: Shutterstock)
Message and DM requests (Source: Shutterstock)

On a normal day, an influencer may receive tons of messages on their social media handles asking for different things, most of which may not seem of much importance. However, currently, the times have changed. Out of the many messages they may receive, there could be one that can be a plea for help. Influencers should actively be on a lookout for them as it’s vital to hear people out during this uncertain scenario.

2. Verify the authenticity and relevance of every post

Influencer Fact checking all the information (Source: Shutterstock)
Fact-checking all the information (Source: Shutterstock)

While it is important to share as much information as you can, it is also absolutely vital to verify if that information and the source is relevant and authentic. As influencers, people follow you and trust what you upload/share. Hence it’s of utmost importance to personally verify every post, story, message, contact number etc.

3. Share verified information and amplify requests that need urgent attention

Filter out requests that require urgent attention (Source: Shutterstock)
Filter out requests that require urgent attention (Source: Shutterstock)

With the very many requests and pleas we have been spotting on social media, we urge you to check if you have received any such requests and pleas too. In case you have, it is also important for you to filter out requests that need urgent action and amplify their appeal. Probably you could share emergency contact numbers, donor lists etc. on your posts and stories. (after personally verifying them, of course)

4. Mention relevant ‘Trigger Warnings’ in case your information stands a chance to trigger someone

Your post might trigger someone (Source: Shutterstock)
Your post might trigger someone (Source: medium)

While it is extremely important to share information, probably being mindful of the content you share is essential too. Many a times certain posts contain images that might trigger someone and impact their mental health negatively. So, please do ensure that you mention appropriate warnings while sharing information or posts that may contain triggering content.

5. It’s okay to take time off social media

Social media detox (Source: Shutterstock)
Social media detox (Source: Shutterstock)

Social media can get super overwhelming at times and even as an influencer it’s important for you to take some time off social media when you feel the negativity online has started impacting your mental health. During the pandemic, there’s a lot of information that goes around on social media and it indeed affects your mind-space. Make sure you take some time off all information and do activities that help your mental health.

6. Encourage each and everyone to share information and help each other out

We completely agree with Bhuvan Bam’s post, no matter your follower count, any kind of help coming from your end will make a big difference. As an influencer, it’s important for you to not only share information but also encourage everyone to do their bit and support people around them. Be it sharing message requests, donor lists, bed availability or anything else which you think might help people.

While we are confident that our country will overcome the pandemic successfully, it’s vital for us to break the chain and stay indoors. We urge everyone to wear a mask and be careful, together we can fight this.