The DamnFam squad have a new member who seems to be grabbing all the attention and stealing hearts too. Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. MNV‘s lil’ pup, Bronny a.k.a Golden Brotriever has taken Instagram by storm with his cuteness! With little appearances in the squad member’s videos to aww-dorable content on his own Instagram account, this furry baby is bringing smiles one post at a time. Don’t believe me, cheggit out!

Are you ready to say ‘Henlo’ to some wholesome cuteness?

1. Naptime

Hi, you fluff-ster! One look at this baby and he can make your heart melt. After watching this video, all I wanna do is pick him up and cuddle him. Manav’s audio selection for this Reel is also so apt too. How many ‘W’s’ are you adding to your ‘aww’ right now? Tbh, I’m at infinite.

2. Make way for this swagger baby

Bronny’s little paws, button eyes and tail can make you do anything he may ask you to. I mean just look at him! That ‘adorable meets swagger’ vibe is making me hit the like button until my fingers hurt.

3. Pup wardrobe on-point!

Hold up, can we please talk about that cute little attire Bronny is wearing? Golden Brotriever here has his fashion game on-point just like his daddy, Manav. Also, might I add that puppies playing with stuffed toys are just the cutest! The size of the toy doesn’t matter as you can see.

4. Emotions overload

My heart is fullllll! This video of Manav and Bronny is so cute, especially the moment where Bronny looks at him and then climbs up further for a hug. Currently, I am sending some virtual squishy warm hugs to Bronny.

5. The cutest Reel trend video ever!

Ok, confession time, I have watched this video so many times that I have literally lost count. That head tilt and cute lil’ button eyes are just so aww-dorable. I think I can watch this video with any mood and no matter how many times, and it will still bring a smile to my face. Yeah!

6. Travel lover

So this video helps in establishing one point that Bronny loves the outdoors and loves to travel too. The end of this video is such a sweet and surreal moment for Manav and Bronny. Awwwww…!

7. We like to ‘Pawri’

This is probably one of the first Bronny x DamnFam videos and we love how Bronny is such an absolute star in this one. This puppy legit had no moves, but that killer expression…could make the crowd go wild, don’t you think? I’m so happy Bronny, that you shared a video of this ‘pawri‘.

Awwww, Bronny just casually taking on another trend over here and winning hearts with his good looks, cuteness, and innocence. His expressions right at the end of this video, almost were like, “Hey dad, but you offered me your hand first, remember?” Haha!

9. Movie Night

Bronny seems to have discovered a new hobby here, watching TV! And I’m guessing watching doggo videos are his fave. Well, you can’t really blame him here? ‘Cuz hoomans love watching hoomans too on the television right. So, you do you, Bronny!

10. Ensuring a blooper

I absolutely love this blooper video that Ashi Khanna shared with Bronny making sure his presence is felt in this dance Reel. I think apart from Ashi being her usual amazing self in this video, Bronny did a fab job at stealing the thunder. Ashi, can you really blame the viewers for shifting focus here? Hehe…

So these were some amazingly aww-dorable Instagram Reels of Bronny, which will leave you feeling a total overload of warm, fuzzy emotions. While I wish this cute-ster of a pup never grows up, I am also aware that this is an impossible ask. Anyway, which Reel from this list is your absolute favourite? ‘Cuz honestly, I think all of these Reels are my fave. Tell us about it in the comments below! Also, I really hope that this article made you forget your worries for a while and made you smile.

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