There are so many creators who create unique content every day. Through their content, they entertain, inspire and connect with their audience. One creator who has always managed to inspire me is Aashna Bhagwani. She’s a popular content creator who strongly believes that beauty comes in all sizes. Time and again, her content has motivated me and encouraged me to be confident and love my true self. Not just that, most of her content roots from self-experience and I love how candid she is. So, if you are looking for your daily dose of motivation, you gotta check out these six posts that surely awakens my inner confidence.

Check them out!

1. What you don’t see

Let this post be a reminder that almost nothing is imperfect on social media. You shouldn’t compare your life with something you see on social media platforms. I absolutely love how Aashna showed both sides of her life in this video. Every time I watch this, I remind myself to not get overwhelmed by all the perfect things I see on Instagram. Aashna is such queen, isn’t she?

2. Calling out fatphobia

One of the main things I love about Aashna is how confident she is in her own skin. She doesn’t shy away from calling out fatphobia as well as promotes a healthy body image. Certain stereotypes in our society force us to match unrealistic beauty standards and Aashna is here bashing these regressive stereotypes with one meaningful post at a time.

I absolutely cannot get over this video as Aashna gave this trend such a fun and positive spin. She has always been all about body positivity and I have seen her encouraging many people through her entertaining and thoughtful content.

4. Finding strength in your struggle

When Aashna turned 29, she had something super important to say to everyone out there. Let this video remind you that your life doesn’t need to revolve around how you look and your aim shouldn’t be to match unrealistic beauty standards you see in magazines and on social media platforms.

5. Enjoy your present

This is such an important video for everyone! Here Aashna talks about how we should enjoy and appreciate our progress as well as take pride in how we are in the present. With so much negativity online, such content really helps and inspires people who are feeling a little insecure about themselves.

6. Showering encouragement when needed

We are all currently living in some unpredictable times and with so much mental stress, it’s okay for your body to change. I absolutely love how Aashna always encourages people to work on themselves in a healthy and positive manner. Everything starts with self-love and she is here to prove it!

These posts literally prove that Aashna is nothing less than a KWEEN! Her content has indeed inspired thousands of people, including me and awakened my inner confidence. Which post of hers inspired you the most? Tell us in the comments below. On an important note, I hope everyone reading this article is staying home and staying safe.

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