Here they are:

1.  AngryPrash

Am I the only one who is eager to know the face behind this unique and popular avatar? AngryPrash is known for creating animated and comic content, which is not only hilarious but also entertaining. His unique avatar is the center of attraction, which is also a part of his identity. Moreover, it makes him stand out from the millions out there. If you are looking out for your daily dose of entertainment then you should defo follow this creator.

2. Yuvraj Singh a.k.a BabaJackson2019

Who said we cannot have a replica of the legend, Michale Jackson? #BabaJackson is one of the most energetic and graceful dancers we know! Tbh, I get lost in his smooth sways and moonwalks, wbu? The iconic hat really gives him the legendary identity and we cannot deny that it makes him look as dashing as ever. Well, just like Michael Jackson is incomplete without his black hat so is #BabaJackson!

3. Jaydeep Gohil a.k.a Hydroman

Jaydeep a.k.a Hydroman is surely one of the most creative content creators in the country, why? Because he creates ALL of his content underwater! He dances on some peppy trending tracks inside a water tank and aces all his moves. I am sure you haven’t seen someone create content like him ever before. For me every time someone says water tank, it reminds me of Hydroman for real. Also, I guarantee I can’t even dance as a good as him on the dance floor! 😛

4. Eshna Kutty

The newest talent on the block brings back Hula Hoop with dance and style. Eshna Kutty a popular flow artist and now a social media star gives us exactly that! Well, hoops and Eshna go hand in hand, this proves to us that hooping is so much more than just a mere hobby. I am sure you all remember her as a creator who surprised netizens on the ‘gram with her Hula-Hooping skills in a saree and sneakers, amirite?

5. Seniorammar7

Very rarely we come across creators who catch our attention instantly in the blink of an eye. He is one of them who has managed to win our hearts with his unique skating skills. Okay, hear me out now skating is a talent in itself but reverse skating is simply mind-blowing and beyond imagination. If you don’t believe me, check out his Reels and I am sure you will be stunned to see how effortlessly he surfaces.

6. Akash Skipper

Yet another creator who has made our hearts skip a beat with his skipping tricks. Kudos to him for having so much energy and body balance to hop like this. Just like his Instagram handle says it, he is not just as Akash but ‘Skipper’ Akash!

7. Akshay Yadav

The first thing that strikes us when we hear ‘Football’ is, Akshay! This is all because of this talent to freestyle with football anywhere and everywhere. His talent needs no explanation but one just needs to watch him do tricks and twists. Moreover, now we see him and his football jump on viral trends in such a unique, it simply had us yell ‘WOW’.

There you go! This list is full of amazing content creators who will surely keep you entertained with their unique identity and out-of-the-box props. You should check them all out right away!

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