No one anticipated this reality that we’ve been trapped in. The truth is most of us are simply helpless and sinking under mental pressure. While we have different ways in which we seek comfort and peace of mind. I for one find that I am most at peace when I’m feeling nostalgic. And, what better ways to be instantly transported than to have music take you there. Nothing brings back a flood of memories quite like a scent and music. In fact, I spend most of my evenings unwinding to the sounds of some ‘90s tunes. It quickly puts me in a good mood and for a few moments, I’m that happy child frolicking around my childhood home. In fact, I’m still that happy child in my adult home when the music plays.

The dancing and the moving around release happy endorphins for sure. So I put together a playlist with my favourite female popstars from the ‘90s who left a mark on me. Whether it was their style I tried to mimic or their makeup, I still recognize some trends from then that remain with me. So, if this playlist doesn’t have you grooving by the end of the day and put you in a much happier mood, then I will do a 2-minute plank session. Because I see no greater punishment than being in a plank position for more than a minute.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite female popstars whose tunes always lift my mood:

1) Madonna

2) Natalie Imbruglia

3) Missy Elliot

4) Nelly Furtado

5) Jennifer Paige

6) Ciara

7) Britney Spears

8) Christina Aguilera

9) Jennifer Lopez

10) Shakira

11) Mariah Carey

12) Shania Twain

13) P!nk

14) Gwen Stefani

15) Mandy Moore

Which of your favourite female popstars and their tunes are you grooving to these days? Let us know in the comments below!

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