I believe that all of us are dealing with some amount of heartbreak having to deal with COVID on any level. So many of us have lost our loved ones to this disease and the lucky few are overwhelmed with this feeling of helplessness. There’s so much we want to do but we’re stuck with fear and paranoia and some of us not enough, amirite? Whatever it is you’re feeling we have to do our bit to help, even if it means doing the smallest thing. So I thought I’d share with you a few ways that will make you feel less helpless and more helpful.

Here’s a list of ways to deal with the feeling of helplessness during these tough times:

1) The internet is a dark wormhole at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. If you do you are choosing your privilege over helping people.

2) It is important to recognise that influencers have been caught up in the number game of creating content like drones for a very long time now. They too are having a hard time adapting to this current way of life. However, we get to call them out for sounding tone-deaf, it’s the only way they too will begin to recognise their privilege. Not to say that many of them aren’t helping out. They are amplifying people’s pleas and messages, so that is very helpful.

3) Repost as many stories as I can with important information regarding how to stay safe and how to find information on beds and oxygen online.

4) If you are in a position to send food to people in need then do so, you don’t know this but you’d be saving them heaps and keeping them healthy.

5) Try donating money, even if that means you want to help out a person or friend you know.

6) Share some calming posts, animals doing strange things or just oddly satisfying content right now. People need to put their minds at ease especially when helplessness comes knocking at your door.

7) Everyone is overwhelmed to the max, but you can work through it by picking one task to focus on at a time. Maybe you have work, maybe you need to cook or clean or you just want to paint. Do it because refocusing your thoughts and energy will help deal with the helplessness.

8) You could put together a docket of tiffin services, pet boarding, funeral services, fundraisers and mental health resources for people in need. Nothing will tackle that feeling of helplessness better than putting energy towards this task.

9) Think of the things you’d need if you were battling this disease and then try helping people with those contents. Maybe you can pay for someone’s medication.

10) You could also reach out to your oversea’s friends with vulnerable and old parents in the city and ask them if their parents need any help. Just a little goes a long way.

Don’t let the feeling of helplessness overcome you when you can do many of these things listed above to help people in need. Yes we cannot go out and yes we cannot physically be there for the people in need but we can do so much virtually. So let’s try and band together and overcome this disease the best way that we know. Stay home, Stay safe and Mask up. Please for the love of God and all things good, be responsible.

How are you dealing with the feeling of helplessness during this second wave? Let us know in the comments below.

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