6 Posts By Gary Vee That Gave Us The Encouragement We Needed

Kavisha Mody , 26 Apr 2021
Gary Vee (Source: Instagram | @garyvee)
Gary Vee (Source: Instagram | @garyvee)

Currently, all of us are living in an extremely uncertain time. In a situation like this, it’s only natural for all of us to feel extremely overwhelmed and discouraged. So, whenever I feel undermotivated, I go to my Instagram and look at motivating posts by some inspiring creators. One such creator and entrepreneur is Gary Vee whose posts never fail to motivate me. Personally, I find them extremely practical and they help me look at situations from a new perspective. So, if you are feeling discouraged and overwhelmed right now, check out these 6 posts by Gary Vee, they might help you by giving you the encouragement you need.

Here they are:

1. Redefining success

I absolutely love how he strongly believes in redefining what success means in our culture. Today, so many of us are caught up in this hustle culture to be ‘successful’. However, we forget that happiness is what should matter the most. I completely agree with Gary, “you can’t be failing if you are genuinely happy”.

2. How can I change my mindset?

This video is simple but delivers such an important message. The people around us strongly impact our mind space. So, we must associate with people who aim to bring out the best in us. This short but impactful video really gave me my daily dose of motivation.

3. If you’re are afraid to fail, this video is for you

Gary Vee is straight-up spilling facts and I am all for it. Many a time we don’t experiment with something new because are afraid to fail. In this video, Gary talks about how we must trust our intuition and I completely agree with him. Let this video be the sign you need to start something new!

4. How to stay motivated

This post by Gary hit me right in the feels! He aptly summarised the concept behind staying motivated all the time and it genuinely changed the way I think. If you are in need of some motivation, this video is for you.

5. Don’t justify your dreams

“Don’t justify your dreams, execute them” this line really left me inspired and motivated. Whenever I am feeling low, I watch Gary’s videos as they always manage to encourage me with hard facts and practical knowledge.

6. Hold yourself accountable

This awesome video by Gary really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Holding yourself accountable for your own actions gives you a sense of control and I can completely relate to that. If you are feeling low, surely this video will help you look at things differently.

Well, here are the 6 posts that really gave me the encouragement and motivation I need during these uncertain times. The current global situation is really ambiguous so, make sure you follow content creators who motivate you just like Gary does. We hope this article encouraged you a little during such times. Also, everyone reading this, please stay home and stay safe, we shall get overcome this together.

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