Firstly, we hope everyone is home and staying safe. We know that times are quite uncertain and difficult around us, that’s the reason why we are here, to uplift your mood and bring a smile to your face. On that note, if y’all are looking for some positivity then Rida Tharana is the creator you need to follow right now. She is a content creator who simply uses her microphone to express and put her story out there. Looking at the current situation, staying positive and healthy is the need of the hour. So, if you are looking at looking for to build your inner confidence with positive energy, then you gotta check out these six Reels by Rida Tharana right now!

Check them out:

1. Love yourself

This should defo be on top of everyone’s priority list. Yes, you should go and love yourself that’s the only way one can love others without judging them. Tbh, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this Reel was the song ‘Love Yourself‘ by Justin Bieber, it’s just so relatable and calming, don’t you agree?

2. Being confident

Here Rida talks all about how being confident is important and good.  Well, it shows signs of bravery, positivity, and courage. However, building confidence is something that does not happen overnight, therefore we must support and encourage people to take steps towards being confident. Also, I cannot agree with her more on the fact that people’s opinions shouldn’t matter as long as you’re confident. It’s quite deep but something to think over, isn’t it?

3. You define your worth

Tbh, the way she starts her Reels with a simple ‘hey’ gives a personal touch to her content. In this Reel, Rida talks about how physical qualities cannot define your worth. It’s your personality that matters the most and the way you treat people. Also, gender shouldn’t be one of the means to call someone less or more worthy. I truly believe that we are in an era where equality has overpowered inequality.

4. Stand up for yourself

She emphasises how education is a right of every woman, well not for society in general but for herself and her self-worth. Girls deserve to be educated without discrimination so that they can make their own decisions and can be independent as well as strong. Once we stand up for ourselves then there is no going back.

5. Being Ambitious

The sarcasm in this Reel is making me go ROFL. It’s good to have the right kind of mindset for the attitude one has. It shouldn’t too empowering or underwhelming. It’s always a good idea to throw in some positive vibes. Being ambitious or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed shows how talented and progressive one is. Also, I have an ‘A’ in my name as well, haha. Do you too?

6. Positivity during the Pandemic

This is much needed right now! All we wish to hear on social media currently is positivity, ‘cuz as we have been seeing there are so many people who are in dire need of help during these uncertain times. Well, here’s a quick tip take a deep breath and smile. I know it’s pretty hard but you’re doing your best. Some things are not under your control so stay positive and take care of your mental health.

These Reels literally prove that Rida is the queen of positivity! Her content has truly inspired thousands of people so tell us which post of hers inspired you the most in the comments below?

On an important note, I hope everyone reading this article is staying home and staying safe. At the same time, we promise y’all to make this platform a comforting space that can hopefully be a ray of sunshine in these dark times.