7 Reels By Krutika A.K.A The Mermaid Scales That Had Us Nodding In Agreement

Kavisha Mody , 27 Apr 2021
Krutika (Source: Instagram | @themermaidscales)
Krutika (Source: Instagram | @themermaidscales)

Everyday content creators come up with unique and relatable content for their audience. In these uncertain times, it’s their entertaining videos that are helping us keep our spirits high. Krutika a.k.a The Mermaid Scales is one unique creator who has been creating super engaging videos on her Instagram and keeping me hooked. Whenever I watch her videos, I end up inevitably nodding my head in agreement. I am sure, just like me, many of y’all could also relate to her highly engaging videos. So, if you are looking to brighten your mood up, here are 7 videos that sum up everything we experience in our daily lives in the most creative way possible.

Check them out!

1. The pressure we feel at the cash counter

Remember how before the pandemic we used to go grocery shopping with our parents and they would leave to get something RIGHT before our turn at the cash counter? The amount of pressure I felt in that situation was unreal. Krutika aptly shows the whole situation, which I found super relatable.

2. 24/7 earphone problems

Now that all of us are home, most of us spend time on our phones and use our earphones, amirite? But in my case, my poor earphones are so tangled up that I don’t even bother to untangle them anymore. At this point, I have totally given up on my earphones. And that’s why this Reel hit me right in the feels.

3. Bathroom war with siblings is a staple

Does your sibling annoy you like this every day or is your family normal? Krutika accurately represents my morning mood as this is exactly the kind of situation I face every single day! Surely everyone with siblings can relate to this Reel.

4. Need help cooking food? No, thank you!

I love how Krutika picks up popular audios and uses them creatively in a Reel. Her content is super unique and always manages to catch my attention. This video is literally how I  behave at home!

5. #RemixOnReels in her own creative way

I came across a lot of people who tried to do this yoga challenge at home and were even successful. However, it’s Krutika’s video that I can relate the most to ‘cuz that’s exactly what happened when I tried to do this challenge myself.

6. The tension between your answer paper and your teacher

Do you remember sitting in an examination hall and watching your teacher come and stare at your answer with suspicion? I am sure all of us have gone through this situation at least once in our lives, haven’t we?

7. Video calls are scary

Text me all you want, but don’t try to call or video call me without warning! Every millennial and Gen-Z kid can relate to this as many of us don’t like picking up any sorts of calls. Krutika has managed to show exactly how my face becomes when someone tries to video call me without a warning.

Well, these 7 Reels of hers really managed to hit me right in the feels. Her content is super unique and has helped me and many of us keep our spirits high during these uncertain times. Also, everyone reading this article, I hope y’all are staying home and staying safe. There’s so much content for you to watch at home, keep binging to entertaining videos and avoid stepping out.

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