As the cases in the second wave of Covid-19 take a spike, anxiety around the pandemic is sky-rocketing. Therefore, it is but natural to feel low and discouraged. Honestly, every single time I feel overwhelmed, I start scrolling through some beautifully aesthetic Instagram pictures of creators. It is quite therapeutic for me. Well, the reality of aesthetic pictures is a lot more than just posing in front of the camera.  It’s a skill that requires a lot of creativity and uniqueness. So, here are a few photoshoot BTS that will show you how these creators shoot their aesthetically soothing pictures.

Here they are:

1. Ruhi Singh

It will be a lie if I said that Ruhi’s pictures don’t give us, boss lady vibes! She never fails to blow me away with her stunning self and keeps us hooked to her sassy yet aesthetic pictures. But, what caught my attention on her feed was the BTS video of her photoshoot that is ‘ What really happens on a shoot’. I was taken by surprise after looking at the kind of effort that goes behind getting the perfect angle, frame, and of course the picture.

2. Melvin Louis

On a scale of 1-10, I would personally give this picture a 100! Melvin is looking as-charming-as-ever and I cannot take my eyes off him, can you? He is totally killin it here but wait, watch this small BTS video to know the hard work and struggle behind getting this perfect shot. Y’all should definitely check it out if you haven’t.

3. Aakriti Rana

Who doesn’t know Aakriti Rana? Her aesthetic photoshoots are straight-up goals! What I absolutely love about her is that she experiments with anything and everything and always gives a short raw BTS of her portraits. This one is my personal fave as she plays with mirrors gracefully, telling us different stories through her pictures. Her feed is aesthetic and vibrant to another level, so if you are a fan of learning how to click creative photographs and self-portraits, then you have to check her feed out.

4. Dixita Patel

Do you feel like doing a self-portrait photoshoot at home but don’t know how to get that perfect aesthetic picture? Don’t worry, this Reel by Dixita has got you covered! I love that Dixita is not only nailing her photoshoot game but is also sharing her DIY BTS for more context. So, check this BTS Reel to learn the trick behind these creative portraits and do give it a shot.

5. Pryanca Talukdar

Pryanca’s pictures are so aesthetic and artistic, I just can’t get enough! I love how she is always experimenting with new ideas, keeping her pictures subtle and boujee. Well, I am sure just like me y’all would also think of how she manages to take such visually soothing and appealing pictures. Check out this BTS Reel that Pryanca shared on her feed to capture the perfect flowy twirl. Now, that I know the secret behind this stunning picture, I can’t wait to try it out.

6. Mansi Ugale

Mansi is a digital creator who is popular for her self-portraits and stunning pictures. I guarantee you, her pictures will leave you nothing less than awestruck! The best part about her feed is that she shares multiple BTS, tricks, and hacks to add value and practicality to all her pictures. I love this BTS as it is natural and candid and of course on the go!

7. Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap is a phenomenal content creator whose pictures are super creative. Okay, hear me out, if you want a dreamy picture like this, then you have to watch this BTS Reel to excel your photoshoot. It might look complex but trust me Gia makes it look super easy to capture this eye-catching heavenly picture. So, what are y’all waiting for, check the BTS now.

8. Pranavi Mulmuley

Pranavi’s BTS is your one-stop-destination to learn how to click aesthetic self-portraits at home. Here, she went one step further by clicking an aesthetic picture using old wall hangings. If you are getting bored and want to click fun self-portraits then check out some BTS of Pranavi’s photoshoots to get creative with your photoshoot ideas.

9. Greeshma Shetty

What can we even say about Greeshma Shetty? She is a talented creator who finds creativity in everything. The way she shot these artistic pictures is mind-blowing. I absolutely love the fact that everyone out there can give it a try just because of her BTS Reel. So, it’s time to get creative and get an aesthetic picture.

By the end of this article, you all must have realized that these quirky BTS of creators’ photoshoots will really help us get the perfect aesthetic picture we always wanted. So, get creative and learn the tricks and hacks to get that visually appealing picture! Also, currently, we are living in uncertain times, we request all of y’all to stay home and stay safe.