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India is currently going through very tough times as it battles the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, we are hearing news of thousands of new cases being recorded. A lot of our celebrities have also tested positive in this time. One such celebrity is actress Hina Khan, who shared that she has tested positive for the virus.

Hina took to her Instagram last night to share that she has contracted the virus and is isolating herself and taking treatment. This is very unfortunate as Hina just lost her father last week owing to a sudden cardiac arrest. She was shooting in Srinagar then and had to fly down back to Mumbai. Since then, the family has been mourning his loss. Hina put out a note thanking everyone for reaching out to her and for everyone’s prayers, and shared that she is going off social media for a while until she feels better. Her team is now handling her account.

Regarding her COVID-19 diagnosis, her team put out a note from her end saying:

This really is a tough time for Hina and her family. Here’s sending all of them lots of strength and prayers and wishing Hina a speedy recovery.