With the number of Coronavirus cases going up again, many cities in our country have gone into lockdown yet again. Staying home is the need of the hour and honestly, nothing new to us as we were in lockdown for almost the entire of last year.

This time at home again had me hunting for something exciting to watch and that’s when I came across this very interesting film called ‘Lockdown’ made by actor Smaran Sahu. The short film did come out last lockdown, but trust me, it is something that still resonates as strongly, one year later.

Actor Smaran, known for his work in the Netflix show, Masaba Masaba and his wife, Aayushi Bangur, came up with a story that narrates an account of how a writer gets entwined in his own thoughts as he is left alone at home, with a pandemic raging in the backdrop.

‘Lockdown’ stars Smaran, and wife Aayushi. The couple has penned the screenplay together, while Smaran has juggled many hats — doing the cinematography, editing and direction. The film takes you into the mind of a screenwriter whose wife leaves home after an alleged fight the previous night — and no, it’s not a story about love. Rather, it is a raw and thrilling take on how our mental health really took a hit in the very chaotic and uncertain climate around us and affected us all in more ways than one — so much so, that being alone with our thoughts became frightening.

The film employs some eerie and carefully designed shots that keep us engrossed throughout. The screen play is gripping and crisp. Smaran really does keep us hooked to his tale, taking us along with him on this ride inside his head.

If you’re also late to the party like I am, and haven’t watched this one yet, you definitely should! It is sure to keep playing in your head long after it’s over.

Catch the film here: