How are you today? Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of uncertainty all around us. Every day, I am sure, all of us must be going through a roller coaster of emotions, which end up impacting our mood directly or indirectly. Therefore, I thought to share a few creator posts that describe my weekly moods appropriately. Since days of the week can be easily related to moods and emotions, surely most of us echo the same vibes. So, let’s check out what according to this list my weekly mood for today looks like. I hope this article helps you lift your spirits up during this time.

Here we go:

1. Monday – #MonSlay

Lilly Singh dressed in formals just like a boss lady in this picture is defo changing my perception of the most dreaded day of the week. Honestly, her picture really helped me get the Monday motivation I needed. So, it’s time to set and achieve new goals, #MonSlay is the kind of mood I aim to have every Monday.

2. Tuesday – gentle reminders

Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed about everything that’s happening around me, I simply head to Malini Agarwal’s feed. She not only maintains social responsibility while creating content online but also gives us gentle reminders of staying healthy and happy. This Reel especially reminds me of being ‘Just The Way I Am’. Moreover, her positive energy is always heart-warming to see on social media!

3. Wednesday – good vibes only…

Let’s face it guys, this caption on Barkha’s post can legit be felt. As I move towards Wednesday, I can totally bring in some good vibes… for my well-being. Barkha is absolutely bringing a smile to my face and of course, is radiating good vibes on my gram‘. Tbh, her happy pictures always uplift my mood!

4. Thursday – sunshine on my mind

If you don’t agree with the fact that Unnati is the queen of the golden hour, then you have to check her feed ASAP. Personally, I feel sunkissed pictures are really therapeutic to look at. So, don’t forget to get your selfie mood on, as Thursday is the perfect day to get that natural glowing sunkissed picture, that’s always on our minds.

Friday’s mood is more like ‘Fri-yay’! Here’s a cute Reel of Shivani Bafna doing the #Temperature viral trend with her Dadi. Honestly, these 15-secs just made me forget about everything, and yes got a smile on my face. Looks like, Shivani has been trying out new trends every Friday with her #FamJam and keeping her spirits up!

6. Saturday – ‘hum saath saath hai’

As the weekend hits me, I end up spending more time with my family! Well, what better post to describe this mood than with a post by the #FlyingBeast family. This cute post really defines what family bonding is and I absolutely adore Gaurav, Ritu, and little munchkin Rasbhari. I can guarantee you, that there is no better feeling than being around your loved ones.

7. Sunday – self-care Sundays

Taking care of my well-being is my utmost priority right now! So, I hope all of you are taking out time for self-care just like Mithila Palkar. It’s important to stay happy, fit, stay home and of course, stay safe.

I hope you all could relate to these weekly moods just like I did. From this list above, which mood and creator post did you relate to the most? Tell me about it in the comments below. Also, I know times are hard, right now all of us must stay home and stay safe. I am confident that we shall overcome this together!